Monday, July 23, 2012

A Hot Monday...But Productive...

This has been a busy day. Every year about this the hottest time of the year...the electric company decides they have to do maintenance in our neighborhood so they shut off the power for several hours! Today was that day.

With no power to do anything at home, HB and I took some of my art over to change things up at the salon. My hairdresser doesn't work on Mondays so we had the place to ourselves and took our time getting everything up on the wall. I say "we" but in all truthfulness HB is the only one actually doing any work. I just say where I want things to go and he does the rest.

 I thought I'd show you what the studio salon looks like...


 This is the front door (looking towards it from Angel's studio)and the hallway leading back to Angel's studio. Each hairdresser or manicurist has their own room that opens off this hallway. The benches are outside each doorway.

This is looking towards the back of the salon
to the shampoo area.

And here is inside Angel's studio with my art on the wall...

You can see my camera case right there on the counter top!

And here is what we hung today. Some of it
you've seen already but some of it is new.

Graffiti City

Moon Over Marshlands

This is a small experiment.
I might like to do it in a bigger size.
I'm getting interested in more
abstract art.

And now that the electricity is back on I can visit some blogs and catch up on my email...and the house is cooling down, too. Not a bad day after all. I hope your Monday was good...


  1. Good evening, Janet. I very much like the little flower picture on the lower right corner. It reminds me of something I saw on Pinterest recently. I think I must favor stemmy little round top flowers.

  2. I just LOVE that collection of pics you have put up on the walls in the salon! Do you get feedback from clients there on the art?

  3. You and HB worked together, and look what you created, a beautiful wall of your art. It looks really great. I love the new things that I hadn't seem before. Yikes, no air conditioning, that is awful on a hot day. We have been in the
    100's but today was only 89, it was nice. Arney and I worked upstairs all morning. We are getting closer to taking out walls. I am still going through boxes, almost done.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!! Your, Mary

  4. The new ones are very nice, the moon piece reminds me of a winter scene. The leaf design is still my fav. Well done on a hot day!

  5. Wonderful art, as always! I absolutely adore your moon over marshland piece, it's beautiful and mesmerizing.

  6. these are all so stunning, and I love the way your hubby bunny hung up all the art in those groupings.

  7. Janet, I love all of your work, but I'm really, really excited about the abstract painting! So I'm glad you'll be doing more of them. :)

  8. Hi Janet...I haven't fallen off the planet. I see you are going again...I plan to start blogging again around the first of August. I love the new pieces you have favorite is "Graffiti City." We are still in a drought's getting bad. Catch ya later,

  9. The salon is so soothing. I could sit in there for hours getting my hair done and looking at your beautiful art. Love the city piece's fun and would look great in a big city apartment.

  10. WOW!! Your art looks amazing on the walls of the salon! I love Moon Over Marshlands. Wonderful work on all, Janet! A bit rough that the power was shut off for some hours though. xo

  11. No power is no fun! I very much like the salon and how your work is arranged there. You are a good team, you and HB!


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