Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some Forced Art...

I know I promised to tell you about something new but it will have to wait a couple more days. I can show you a few other things that I've done recently...I guess I did do more than a couple of journal pages while I was on break.

The piece above was done on one of those wood plaques from the dollar store. I put some modeling paste on the plaque and then made some impressions in it. I painted it in faded, muted colors because I wanted it to look old and worn...not sure I achieved that look.


The black piece was just something simple to try to get myself going again. Since the photo was taken I've painted over the copper colored leaf and haven't decided how to finish it off. I didn't like the circles. The paints are metallic and I used a stencil and modeling paste along the edges of the canvas and then lightly brushed some of the metallic paint over it... 

The photo doesn't show it very clearly.

Mostly all I've done in the studio is "force" myself to paint and that never gets good results. Today I'm still doing that...I haven't got back into the swing of things yet but I'm sure it will happen soon. It's good to be back in Blogland although it seems pretty quiet. Maybe lots of people are taking a blog break during the summer. I'm slowly making the rounds and if I haven't visited you, I will soon.


  1. Well, hooray! I'm checking back in to see if you were still on your break and now I see at least one more post after this! I love modeling paste -- one of my faves, so I'm loving this! Fun style for you, too! Love doing something new!

  2. It is quiet. Too hot to do anything! I like the circles!!!

  3. Janet I love both pieces but I particularly love the composition of the leaves...very the circles in there too, nice balance...I have several friends that would buy that at a festival or art fair. They love leaves and it's unique....put it back the way it was and take it to the it! Someone might just have that perfect wall for it!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. yes I agree - it has been quieter that usual in blog land! love anything with circles or dots - your drawings are lovely!

  5. I was literally thinking about you earlier this week and was so happy to see your return yesterday. I LOVE these pieces - I am partial to all things botanical and I love these colors! Sometimes forcing ourselves to get creative brings results in ways we don't expect - that's exciting!
    I have to check out our dollar store for some of those wood plaques!!

  6. I've noticed it's quiet too. I think it is too hot.

    These are fun pieces. I really like your colors in the first and the compositions of the second.

  7. I like the flowers on the wood board. They are fun and playful. It will come back. The heat is really getting to me this year. I haven't worked in my art journal either. So maybe its time to focus on other forms.

    Happy Arting,

  8. Hi Janet, your art is great and I especially love your leaf design. The black or is it dark brown background is really facinating and the side edges looks interesting too.
    No wonder things are slowing up if you have that hot days. The only thing I felt for was sleeping during our hot vacation.
    Now I'll have to prepare for some houseguests. They're arriving on wedensday if everything goes as planned. Cool it during the heat!

  9. glad you're back and OK. I missed you and seeing what you're up to although I do understand how you must have needed a break.
    Anyway, looking forward to seeing some more of your work. It always takes my mind off the chaos around here....
    You've got the antique look on that first piece. Nicely done Janet.

  10. the edging on the canvas is so intriguing!

  11. the edging on the canvas is so intriguing!


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