Thursday, July 26, 2012

What Do You Think??

This is a quickie post to get your opinions. This is a piece I've been working on for some time now...

I really like the faded, worn look.
Below are some close-ups...

 close up 1

 close up 2

I think my problem is I really like the way it looks right now and I'm afraid that if I do anything else I'll only mess it up. Any ideas...or suggestions??


  1. LOVE your background - very cool! Maybe if you draw a person on another piece of paper and cut out and mod podge on top - that way you know you will like it before it is on your canvas!

  2. Yes, I like what you have. The above suggestion would be my way, try without attaching, I do not think it needs much. I might try something with more solid and darker in one of the background colors~very simple little detail. I am working on a collage background that I began at a retreat, so busy I can not come up with something to calm it, so stopping for a few day.

  3. It looks very nice what you have done so far. Hard to give any advice though, depends on what you want. I might have tried to add some of your beautiful leafes, perhaps in a light gray tone. Well, I'm sure you will end up making something special as usual. Good luck.

  4. Anonymous2:20 PM

    I see drppage from the top, and a portrait on the right, going quite high. Like previous commenters have said, do it on paper, so you can try before you buy :)

  5. Live with it awhile just the way it is. Make a xerox copy of it -- play ..... !!!!

  6. I like Michelles idea of doing separate art and cut it out and modge podge it on after, even the lettering can be modged on later...I've seen other artists do that!!

    Not sure what you have painted on! Print out a few copies, practice on some, and save the rest to use for other projects...also if you don't feel the color is accurate then put in in a photobucket program for a quick edit before printing it out!! If it's on a canvas, then you can use that copied piece and save the canvas until you feel more confident!!
    So glad your back!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I like it the way it is! :)

  8. I know you want to do something to it, but I like it just the way it is. You have some really good suggestions from the gals...
    I am no help at all, just have fun with it.
    I am doing my chapter story as planned, it takes a lot of time, but so good for me to do.
    Love, Mary

  9. i love it, but if you have to have another element how about using found letters and making a saying

  10. It looks fine but I would tone down the white a little with another color.

  11. I love it as a background and it makes a fascinating abstract, but I'm missing a focal point -- a spot for my eye to land upon and circle around to return to. It could be very muted, but it feels like it needs something, painted or collaged. Doesn't have to be large. I liked what Giggles said about printing copies and playing with those before invading the original.


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