Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Studio Is Finally Finished!

Today I began bringing things back into my studio! I took a bunch of before pictures but barely any of them came out. Not sure what happened but I was not happy when I downloaded them into the computer.

I can show you how the room came together...
It's a small room...only about 10' x 10' 
with an alcove for my computer.

This is my new work table. There's an open cabinet on the left and another one just partially visible on the right. The shelf that hangs above now has a light hanging from it...I'll get some photos of that soon.

And this is my wall of storage...

HB attached my paint carousel to one of the shelves and then attached one of my three drawer units to another shelf. It's raised just above the plug-in below so I still have access to I have a new plug-in on the bottom of the white hanging shelf above my work space and another one just at the wall by my work space...all added by HB. It's so nice to have an electrician in the family!

 This is a close-up of my three drawer unit after I added paper to the fronts. Now I don't have to look at the jumbled mess inside!

I did the backs of my bookcases using Dollar store silver metallic wrapping paper. 

I tore off pieces and wadded it up then spread it out and glued it to the backs. The three bookcases are  inexpensive and are slightly different sizes. They had those cheap cardboard backs on them so I wanted to cover that up. HB added shelves between the bookcases, and all around the top of the room like I had before.  I think I'll have lots of storage space. And my work table is about 78" long, 49" at the widest part, and 39" at the narrowest. I can walk around three sides of it and there are shelves on the wall behind it, too.

I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you, HB! You're the best!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Sunday was a beautiful day. Molly (my daughter) came to play. She had some decorative items she wanted to change up so she brought them over and we spent the day on the patio doing fun stuff.

I had an old white coffee table that I told her she could have for the apartment until she found one she likes. So we painted the top pink. It looks great...what do you think?

Then she had a picture frame that she photo of that one. I forgot!

She also had a couple of plain black cotton throw pillows that we spray painted! I think they turned out good, too.

The bad part of my day started when Molly was getting ready to leave. She took the table top (heavy) and I took the table legs (lightweight) and we headed out to her car. She had parked in front of the neighbor's house and as we walked that way, I stumbled over an uneven section of the sidewalk and went down like a big tree! Tim-berrrrr!

I remember hitting with my knees first and then with my face. I ended with a bloody nose, some scraps on my lip and nose and a huge scrape on my glasses. All I could think of was, I hope I didn't break the table! Thankfully I didn't. Other than being a little stiff and sore I'm okay. But I'm sure this will slow down my project as my hands are very stiff and sore. In fact it's not easy to type and I'm having to do the two finger approach!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Moving Right Along...

In spite of the HOT weather we've been having, HB and I are making progress on my studio. We might have made more progress if not for the weather but nonetheless we're happy with what we've accomplished so far.

We finally got the desktop computer set up again so I can share some WIP photos of the studio.

 This was the beginning of all the shelf and bookcase painting. Thank goodness the patio is shaded for most of the day but it was still hot out there. I did all the painting on these.

 I had shelves drying all over the back yard!  

This is the slate blue carpet that was in my studio...
right before we ripped it out.

Then we spent two days getting up all the glue that was left behind. 
Not a pleasant job!

Finally it was time to seal the concrete.
HB had plenty of help reading the label and getting started.

 Harley and LuLu got to run around in the empty studio for a few minutes and then they had to be locked paw prints on my floor.

The sealer/primer was white and made the room look so bright.

 Here is my new floor all painted in a soft gray. The floor took three days because of drying time and having to do primer and two coats of paint.

 In the meantime here's an old kitchen cabinet that was in the garage when we moved here. HB is reinforcing it and he took off the will become part of the base for my work table.

Today I'm actually painting the cabinet. The outside is dark charcoal and the inside is white. It looks good.

 This is the computer niche. HB built a new shelf along the floor to hold some of the extra components. And you can see the white baseboard. It was a b**ch to paint!

Yesterday we moved in the bookcases. They have been a challenge. I put metallic silver paper on the backs of them. In this picture the shelves haven't been put back yet so they look a little weird. But I think they will be sharp when I get everything set up.

So that's where we are up to now. Everything seems to take such a long time what with drying times and of course "regular" life still goes on. But we're in the final stages of getting everything done so it won't be long until I have more exciting pictures to share. Until then stay cool!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

No Pictures But Some Progress...

I have pictures of the progress on the studio re-do but I can't show you yet because my desktop computer  (where I do all my photos) is shut down for the next few days while we continue with the room.

Some things are going good while others not so much. I've had a heck of a time getting all the shelves primed and painted because I'm doing them outside on the patio and letting them dry in the back yard...but we've been having thunderstorm warnings almost every afternoon. It rained on them one day but they're okay.

HB hasn't fared so well...he cut his thumb really badly with a razor knife while working on the carpet. It's all pulled up now and the floor has been thoroughly cleaned and primed. We're painting the first floor coat tomorrow.

And the heat continues! I'm just about melted down to my bones. I'm questioning my decision to overhaul the studio at this time! But I'm too far into it to back out now so I'll hang in there.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A Very Special Visitor...

Not much was accomplished on the studio re-do yesterday because we had a visitor. A very special visitor.

I went out to the garage to get some painting supplies and HB and I saw the most amazing thing...a small turtle just sitting at the edge of the garage door.

We aren't sure where it came from but after doing some research online we discovered that it is a desert tortoise...and it's on the endangered species list!

 What a little cutie it is. And it "bonded" with HB almost immediately.

 It actually followed HB all around the yard. We decided to put it in the backyard so it wouldn't get into the street and get run over. It seemed perfectly happy as long as HB was right there...but when he started to walk away the tortoise would "run" right behind him. It was the cutest thing to see.

We found a wildlife waystation that could take the tortoise so HB drove it there. They told him it was a very young one. It seemed to be very comfortable with people so it might be someone's pet that got away.

We plan to look for an owner but for now at least the tortoise is safe at the waystation...and we enjoyed our visit with an endangered species!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Heat is Kicking My Butt

Here it is the sixth day of my studio re-do and I should be much farther along than I am. The heat is an added factor that is really slowing me down. We have been over 100º each day since I started this project and it's going to get hotter as this week goes along. By the end of the week it's predicted to be 110º here...with the added pleasure of humidity which we don't normally have!!

So let me show you what I've accomplished so plan is to do the walls in a turquoise/aqua color and the shelves and bookcases in black. I also have some storage cabinets in white that will remain the same. Then maybe a splash of some reddish/pinkish color to add a pop. So I need aqua, black, and some kind of a red.

This is the gorgeous color of paint I'm using...and I got this paint for $5.00! Recently I was in Lowe's to get some other things and I passed by the paint department. I noticed this can of paint sitting on the "reject" table. I loved the color and it was very close to what I had in mind so when I saw the $5.00 sticker I couldn't resist. Then I noticed another can of "reject" paint in a lovely dark charcoal gray, also for $5.00...close enough to black for me! So I got both paints for $10.00. Not bad. But wait...a couple of days later I went back and there sat a lovely can of red paint...again just $5.00. I scored on this project!
So this is the aqua color up on the walls. It was a dream paint to work with as it's paint and primer all in one. I love it. The entire room already feels different and more cheerful when I walk in.

Here is my paint area on the back patio. I'm priming some of the shelves in this picture. I'm way behind schedule because I thought I had sanded everything enough but when it came time to put on the primer I realized that I had to re-sand everything! So that put me another day behind as I did that.

And I haven't even started tearing out the carpet. This is a huge project and doing it in 100º plus temperatures is really wearing me down. But I'm into it now and there's no turning back so full speed ahead! Well, maybe make that slow speed 'cause I'm moving kinda slow.

I'm sorry I haven't answered many of your comments and emails. And forget about visiting blogs! I barely have the energy to take a shower at the end of the day. I'm getting my butt kicked by this project!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Yikes...Whose Idea Was This??

Remind me again why I thought this was such a good idea! So far it's taken me two full days and part of another to just get all my stuff out of the studio! Here's what it looks like now...

That's the remainder of my old work table with the cabinets underneath. All the shelves are gone and there are lots of holes to patch. I'm working on that today.

This is the other side of the room. I always intended for this area to be my "clean" area where I could sew or work on non-messy projects. That didn't happen much because I usually piled things on this table.

Speaking of piling things...
this is what my dining room looks like right now...

I've been piling everything from the studio in the dining room because it's the least used room in the house most of the time. There's even more stuff on the other side of the table that you can't see in this picture. Can you say "too much stuff"...I really need to sort and get rid of things.

I sure hope I hold up through this whole project! I've moved all this stuff mostly by myself because HB is busy with his garage project. He did take down all the shelves and move the bookcases but I moved all the boxes of stuff. Oh, my aching back!!

Okay now it's on to the painting.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

What Have I Been Doing???

If you guessed busy making art you would be wrong! Actually I'm busy dismantling my studio!! But don't worry I'm going to put it back together in a better design.

A few days ago HB and I were talking and I mentioned that when I re-did the studio a couple of years ago it worked great for what I was doing at the time but now it isn't working so good. In case you're interested in what it looked like after that re-do you can check it out here. Just scroll down past all the silliness at the top.

My biggest problem was the work table. It's only 24" deep and then I have pencils and all sorts of supplies along the back edge so that cuts it down to 18" - 20" of workable space. Just not enough!

Well, HB came up with a brilliant idea and this morning I began the tear down...

Above is looking in from the doorway. I've actually started taking things off shelves and bookcases and I have this chaos going on!

This is the other side of the room. I took an "after" photo but it came out all blurry so I can't show you my progress until maybe tomorrow.

When we did the studio back in 2010 it was just moved into what used to be an office and I didn't take the time to re-paint the walls or even paint all the new shelves that HB installed. This time I'm doing all of that. I'm going to paint the walls, the shelves and all of the bookcases...and I'll be getting a much bigger work space. One where I can walk around three sides of it!

The wall shown in the picture above will become a wall of storage with all three of my bookcases, and extra shelving to cover the rest of the wall. I have two of those 3-drawer units like the one under the work table and I plan to stack them together. I'm excited about how it will all look when I finish but I'm not excited about doing this project when it's so hot!! Over the next week it's going to be at least 100º every day and many days it will be over that. Even with cooling I still get hot...does that mean I'm a hot chick?? Maybe in my younger days but not any more!!

So wish me luck and a strong back. I'll try to post pictures of the progress but if you don't see me here for a few days you'll know I've collapsed from exhaustion!

PS - some of you have been letting me know that you can't access my blog! I'm not sure what's going on. I checked all my settings and nothing has changed. I had HB use his computer and he was able to access it okay so I'm not sure what the problem is. I hope it fixes itself because I don't know what to do.