Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A Very Special Visitor...

Not much was accomplished on the studio re-do yesterday because we had a visitor. A very special visitor.

I went out to the garage to get some painting supplies and HB and I saw the most amazing thing...a small turtle just sitting at the edge of the garage door.

We aren't sure where it came from but after doing some research online we discovered that it is a desert tortoise...and it's on the endangered species list!

 What a little cutie it is. And it "bonded" with HB almost immediately.

 It actually followed HB all around the yard. We decided to put it in the backyard so it wouldn't get into the street and get run over. It seemed perfectly happy as long as HB was right there...but when he started to walk away the tortoise would "run" right behind him. It was the cutest thing to see.

We found a wildlife waystation that could take the tortoise so HB drove it there. They told him it was a very young one. It seemed to be very comfortable with people so it might be someone's pet that got away.

We plan to look for an owner but for now at least the tortoise is safe at the waystation...and we enjoyed our visit with an endangered species!!


  1. What a wonderful visitor! And how fun it "bonded" with HB!

  2. Wonderful! Bonding with HB -- too cute!

  3. Oh, Janet, what good fortune it is that the tortoise found it's way to you and HB! This is such a delightful little story. Thank you for sharing it. I hope the owner is found soon.

  4. He's very sweet. I'm glad he found his way to your yard. Just a question...are endangered species allowed to be kept as pets..?

  5. Sheila, we learned that with the desert tortoise you can request a special permit to keep one as a pet...but you have to provide a habitat for it and be able to care for it. There were quite a lot of things the tortoise required. The permit is free as long as you meet all the specifications.

  6. Ahhhh...Lucky he landed at your house. They are precious creatures. They probably are endangered because people take them out of their habitat. Good for you returning it where it stands a chance.

  7. Hi Janet....Awwwww!That is a cute story with a happy ending for the tortoise. Good for you two for going the extra mile to make sure that he has a safe place to live.

  8. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Sweet! Reminds me of the turtle pets we had when I was a kid. I could play with them in the bathroom sink for hours.

  9. How cute! WE had a tortoise and it was registered so we could keep it. It ran away or someone took it.We had a id tag on ours, so I think someone stole it. =( I hope your find the owner.

  10. There was a gopher turtle living here in a hole out by the drive but we think it moved, have not seen it in over a year.
    This little guy is a cutie.
    Love the color of the walls.

  11. How cool Janet. Looks like he really took to HB. A couple weeks ago DH and I were returning home and a turtle was crossing the road in front of our car. We stopped and I jumped out in the middle of traffic, fool that I am LOL, and picked it up and put it back where I think it came from, a large pond at a fenced condo. Foolish turtle getting lost. Boy, they sure do have sharp claws. I love animal stories with happy endings. Thanks for yours.

  12. you should've taught it some tricks.

  13. Knowing me, I would have named it, found out what it ate, and Arney would have built something!!!!
    What a great adventure you had. HB is so cute in the picture with the baby T.
    The art room will be waiting, today belonged to natures little gifts. Hugs, Mary

  14. Oh I love this story. It was cute seeing HB with the turtle. I am glad you are taking care of it. I love it when I can help an animal that has lost its way.

    How is the remodel going. We had a plumbing problem which meant I had to move stuff in my studio and now I have to put it all back. I hate having to do that.

  15. How neat is that! He's big and very photogenic! Looks like he enjoyed his visit!

  16. We found a small tortoise a couple of month ago too. He was smaller than yours and had a bit of an injury on his shell. We brought him to the vet and they immediately took over. One of the vets keeps tortoises so after calling the wildlife center to pick him up, he probably found a nice home with the vet.

  17. Omg he is soooo cute. I love that he found good animal people!! We would have done the same!! Love that he was running after Hb...he must be people friendly. I can imagine he is missed!! Good for you guys!!

    Hugs Giggles

  18. You are such good people - that little guy was lucky! Love the pictures you took - what an adorable face! HB - the turtle whisperer...


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