Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Moving Right Along...

In spite of the HOT weather we've been having, HB and I are making progress on my studio. We might have made more progress if not for the weather but nonetheless we're happy with what we've accomplished so far.

We finally got the desktop computer set up again so I can share some WIP photos of the studio.

 This was the beginning of all the shelf and bookcase painting. Thank goodness the patio is shaded for most of the day but it was still hot out there. I did all the painting on these.

 I had shelves drying all over the back yard!  

This is the slate blue carpet that was in my studio...
right before we ripped it out.

Then we spent two days getting up all the glue that was left behind. 
Not a pleasant job!

Finally it was time to seal the concrete.
HB had plenty of help reading the label and getting started.

 Harley and LuLu got to run around in the empty studio for a few minutes and then they had to be locked out...no paw prints on my floor.

The sealer/primer was white and made the room look so bright.

 Here is my new floor all painted in a soft gray. The floor took three days because of drying time and having to do primer and two coats of paint.

 In the meantime here's an old kitchen cabinet that was in the garage when we moved here. HB is reinforcing it and he took off the doors...it will become part of the base for my work table.

Today I'm actually painting the cabinet. The outside is dark charcoal and the inside is white. It looks good.

 This is the computer niche. HB built a new shelf along the floor to hold some of the extra components. And you can see the white baseboard. It was a b**ch to paint!

Yesterday we moved in the bookcases. They have been a challenge. I put metallic silver paper on the backs of them. In this picture the shelves haven't been put back yet so they look a little weird. But I think they will be sharp when I get everything set up.

So that's where we are up to now. Everything seems to take such a long time what with drying times and of course "regular" life still goes on. But we're in the final stages of getting everything done so it won't be long until I have more exciting pictures to share. Until then stay cool!


  1. This is coming along beautifully....I can't wait to see the finished room with everything in place. You both have worked really hard and I commend you for doing so much out in that heat. (I would have melted the first day). It is inspiring me to ONCE AGAIN revamp my studio - mostly the walls are in dire need of paint. Wanna send HB up here? LOL!

  2. Janet all I can say is PHEW what a job.

  3. Wow! What a job! Stay cool and be kind to your back!

  4. Excellent job!! My downstairs powder room is that color and we love it!! Never thought I'd do turquoise again , after growing up in Moms turquoise kitchen! However I do love it again. So clean and refreshing, and the floor is so awesome!! Will you get a throw rug for it? Good job so far, can't wait!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Very exciting, Janet!

  6. What a great job you're doing! It's certainly not just a small re-do. How exciting to see how it all takes place again. I'm sure you'll have a perfect place to make your art coming winter. good luck with the remaining work.

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  8. I really like the floor, it is really nice. Also a computer nook is really nice. I can hardly wait to see it all done, it will wonderful. We took a brake from the Loft yesterday. Arney was tired of it, so he did yard work instead. It seems that while you are working on one thing, the other stuff looks like no one cares. Have a wonderful week. Hugs mary

  9. I love love it so far, the wall colour is my fav colour, the shelving and the floor, hubby did a great job on the floor

  10. Janet....it's looking great!!!! Love the colors, the floor turned out wonderfully! You are going to have a really nice place to do art!!!

  11. oh wow! this is going to be stunning when it's done. gorgeous wall color.

  12. Love all these photos of the work getting done. The floor turned out real pretty, and gray should be a good color, (for a canvas) only kidding! Can't wait to see the finished project. And you are so blessed to have HB, what a guy!

  13. Love the wall color! Can't wait to see more...

  14. wow, it's coming along. looks like it won't be long now.

  15. You are such a brave women! I wish to do the same to my studio, but am afraid of all the mess (stuff) that would come out of it... HB and the cats are both handy and cute :-)


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