Sunday, August 12, 2012

No Pictures But Some Progress...

I have pictures of the progress on the studio re-do but I can't show you yet because my desktop computer  (where I do all my photos) is shut down for the next few days while we continue with the room.

Some things are going good while others not so much. I've had a heck of a time getting all the shelves primed and painted because I'm doing them outside on the patio and letting them dry in the back yard...but we've been having thunderstorm warnings almost every afternoon. It rained on them one day but they're okay.

HB hasn't fared so well...he cut his thumb really badly with a razor knife while working on the carpet. It's all pulled up now and the floor has been thoroughly cleaned and primed. We're painting the first floor coat tomorrow.

And the heat continues! I'm just about melted down to my bones. I'm questioning my decision to overhaul the studio at this time! But I'm too far into it to back out now so I'll hang in there.


  1. Sounds like you've taken on a heavy task in that heat. But I'm sure you'll be satisfied when done. Isn't that typical to hurt ones fingers while doing something. I'm so familiar to that, always to say I should only....... ouch!
    Good luck on the remaining work, it will be interesting to see your final result.

  2. Ouch!!!! Hope HB is better. Be careful in the heat and be kind to your back!

  3. Awe poor HB...hope he heals quickly. Make him keep it covered up if he goes anywhere!! We don't want him picking up a staff infections which are rampant this day and age!!

    You are a brave soul starting this project. Good thing, everything will dry quickly, plus it will be done for winter. A very nice Lady Cave for you!! I look forward to seeing it!! Just keep hydrated both of you!!

    Big hugs Giggles

  4. can hardly wait to see the progress, you have made me want to do something, its not that hot here, so sorry about you hubby, least it was only his finger, my hubby probably would have cut off his whole hand, he is no handy man

  5. Hope your husband heals up quickly!! Post those pics soon...I can't wait to see your new studio!!

  6. hang in there, it will be well worth the work. can't wait to see finished pictures.

  7. I hope Hb's thumb is doing better today. You know you really need to do remodels when the mood strikes, heat or not. You ar going to love the finished room.

    I've got 2 weeks to play with Dave being gone. I am going to enjoy this time and hopefully be very productive.

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