Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Heat is Kicking My Butt

Here it is the sixth day of my studio re-do and I should be much farther along than I am. The heat is an added factor that is really slowing me down. We have been over 100º each day since I started this project and it's going to get hotter as this week goes along. By the end of the week it's predicted to be 110º here...with the added pleasure of humidity which we don't normally have!!

So let me show you what I've accomplished so far...my plan is to do the walls in a turquoise/aqua color and the shelves and bookcases in black. I also have some storage cabinets in white that will remain the same. Then maybe a splash of some reddish/pinkish color to add a pop. So I need aqua, black, and some kind of a red.

This is the gorgeous color of paint I'm using...and I got this paint for $5.00! Recently I was in Lowe's to get some other things and I passed by the paint department. I noticed this can of paint sitting on the "reject" table. I loved the color and it was very close to what I had in mind so when I saw the $5.00 sticker I couldn't resist. Then I noticed another can of "reject" paint in a lovely dark charcoal gray, also for $5.00...close enough to black for me! So I got both paints for $10.00. Not bad. But wait...a couple of days later I went back and there sat a lovely can of red paint...again just $5.00. I scored on this project!
So this is the aqua color up on the walls. It was a dream paint to work with as it's paint and primer all in one. I love it. The entire room already feels different and more cheerful when I walk in.

Here is my paint area on the back patio. I'm priming some of the shelves in this picture. I'm way behind schedule because I thought I had sanded everything enough but when it came time to put on the primer I realized that I had to re-sand everything! So that put me another day behind as I did that.

And I haven't even started tearing out the carpet. This is a huge project and doing it in 100º plus temperatures is really wearing me down. But I'm into it now and there's no turning back so full speed ahead! Well, maybe make that slow speed 'cause I'm moving kinda slow.

I'm sorry I haven't answered many of your comments and emails. And forget about visiting blogs! I barely have the energy to take a shower at the end of the day. I'm getting my butt kicked by this project!


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    You're moving quicker on your redo than I am on mine and I don't even have the heat (just two kiddos around my feet lol). Great score on the paint! Thjose cans were meant for you...what a find! And that turquoise looks fab up on the wall!

    Btw, I'm having to comment through my typepad account even though I have moved on. Would you consider ticking the name/ URL option in your settings so I can link to my new blog? Ta!

  2. Score!!! for sure, Janet. That would be three touchdowns in a row. Winning!! Can't wait to see the rest.

  3. uh.... you are WAY more ambitious than I am!!! I just walked outside and almost melted!!

    LOVE the color of your walls! and the price tag? geesh...

    :) robelyn

  4. We are 105 today, and it is dry heat. You are doing really good, faster than I would. I will be painting the walls in our new bedroom when it is done.
    This color looks really pretty, I am sure it will inspire you to do some really great art.
    Do not get too hot. That would not be good for our Janet!!!
    Big hugs, Mary

  5. Wow! I'm impressed! In the heat I go for hibernation!!! Love the aqua. Be careful!

  6. looking good though!

  7. This is a HUGE project, Janet, but wow are you ever going to feel accomplished when it is finished. That paint is a gorgeous color for your walls!

  8. That's what I would call "knee deep in the hoopla". You have your hands full, but it's going to be so worth it I am sure!

  9. YOu are doing fabulous for the conditions that you are working in. Remodels take so much longer than we ever think they will. YOu will get there and it will be pleasant when finished. Great color.

  10. It's going to be so wonderful when you finish all that work.

    Sending some cool air from the north.
    (not ours, though, it's hot here, too, but not like yours)


  11. Nice color Janet. You will be happy when it's done.
    Are you feeling that earthquake? Scary...or you are prolly used to it. xoxo

  12. Love that aqua colour Janet-it will be so relaxing to work in a studio that colour.

  13. Hi Janet...love, love that aqua color! It will be a wonderful room!!! The heat isn't as intense here this week...it's supposed to be in the 80's by the weekend.

  14. Love beyond love the wall color and your chosen color scheme! I applaud you doing all this in that horrible heat. My studio is in dire need of paint.

  15. Love beyond love the wall color and your chosen color scheme! I applaud you doing all this in that horrible heat. My studio is in dire need of paint.

  16. I know what you mean...that's hard work! I love the pretty color you chose! It's one we see a lot here in FL, too! Tropical and pretty!


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