Monday, August 27, 2012


Sunday was a beautiful day. Molly (my daughter) came to play. She had some decorative items she wanted to change up so she brought them over and we spent the day on the patio doing fun stuff.

I had an old white coffee table that I told her she could have for the apartment until she found one she likes. So we painted the top pink. It looks great...what do you think?

Then she had a picture frame that she photo of that one. I forgot!

She also had a couple of plain black cotton throw pillows that we spray painted! I think they turned out good, too.

The bad part of my day started when Molly was getting ready to leave. She took the table top (heavy) and I took the table legs (lightweight) and we headed out to her car. She had parked in front of the neighbor's house and as we walked that way, I stumbled over an uneven section of the sidewalk and went down like a big tree! Tim-berrrrr!

I remember hitting with my knees first and then with my face. I ended with a bloody nose, some scraps on my lip and nose and a huge scrape on my glasses. All I could think of was, I hope I didn't break the table! Thankfully I didn't. Other than being a little stiff and sore I'm okay. But I'm sure this will slow down my project as my hands are very stiff and sore. In fact it's not easy to type and I'm having to do the two finger approach!


  1. Oh my............. what luck you didn't break anything. I had to laugh of your headline though. It reminds me of my mom and sister who was cutting down a hedge. My mom stood in the garden and my sister below on the road. My mom shouted timber each time she threw something down. A family laugh for years. I hope yoy're doing well inspite of your accident. Love the pink table and the pillows looks great too.
    Take care.

  2. Janet, I think the table and the pillows look great, but you didn't have to *decorate* yourself, too! That's a hard way to get a new pair of glasses. Hope you recover quickly with no lasting effects. {{{{{Gentle Hugs}}}}}

  3. Oh Janet I am SO SORRY...Poor you...ouch!! Awe that sucks!! Hope you didn't break anything...keep an eye on it!! As for the glasses, which can be expensive we have clearly contacts that has amazing glasses for so cheap. I have had a few pairs from there and so has beardo!! They are awesome.

    Love the pillow and table...I can see it all together... Just beautiful!! Very inspiring...I have always loved pink and black together!!

    Hope you heal up soon, how inconvenient for you!! Falling as we get older is so dangerous!! Rest up a bit my dear!

    Thinking of you with love!!
    Hugs Giggles

  4. Oh Janet--your beautiful face is a mess-but still beautiful just the same.

  5. Opps! Falling when you get "our age" is always bad. I tripped over the curling iron cord and went down when Mia was here, had a few brusies and sorness but otherwise ok.That's a shame about the glasses
    Loved the projects you girls did.

  6. Oh no! that's horrible. glad nothing is broken. those pillows are so cool - never would have thought to spray paint fabric like that.

  7. OH JAnet! glad youre still ok to type... could have been a lot worse! Your face is quite cut! glad nothing is broken including the table! take care! ( I hate it when something happens to my glasses too) are they still wearable or do you have to get some new ones?

  8. OUCH!! That type of fall is damaging to you and to your dignity! Poor thing - here's hoping you mend quickly!!

  9. The table and pillows are not so much!!!!!
    :( ouch!!!!
    I know that your whole boday hurts...the studio will be there, take it easy for a few days. Your poor face, it hurts to see you like this sweet girl. I love you, Mary

  10. OMG poor thing! I bet it freaked you AND Molly out. I am so glad you weren't hurt worse and nothing was broken.
    I love how the stenciled pillow came out, that was a great idea!
    This may be a good time to take a break and put your feet up!

  11. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Hi Janet...I really like the table and the pillow too. Sorry that you took a could be worse, I suppose, but it looks bad enough. Take care and mend!

  12. Ouch Janet! The post started so happy - mother and daughter creating lovely things... I didn't expect it to end with your hurt face. I'm glad you are smiling... it looks painful. The pink table and spray painted pillows get A+ in creativity. I hope you are less sore now. xo

  13. Oh, Janet, we sound like accident prone twins! I'm so sorry -- it looks very painful and unpleasant. (In June, I tripped on my flip flop and fell into the corner of the brick house and onto the cement. We looked alike -- only I had quite the shiner! And then last week, fell off my bike.) I feel your pain. Please take care! Thinking of you!

  14. Ouch! That sucks! It looks pretty sore!

    The table and cushion look fab though! :)

  15. Oh sorry that you got so wounded, it looks painful. The table looks great and the cushion is fabulous I hope you feel better soon.

  16. OH Janet! I'm so glad it wasn't worse...your war wounds look quite sore, you poor thing.

    That said, the table and cushion looks great!! Well done to both you and your daughter!

    P.S. - I'm finally getting back into the swing of things after my recent surgery. It feels great to be visiting again. xo

  17. OMG Janet. Big hugs baby girl. How awful for you. Is HB taking care of you? Um, you could milk it for awhile! I'm really glad it wasn't worse. Bet daughter will now keep that table forever.


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