Saturday, August 04, 2012

Yikes...Whose Idea Was This??

Remind me again why I thought this was such a good idea! So far it's taken me two full days and part of another to just get all my stuff out of the studio! Here's what it looks like now...

That's the remainder of my old work table with the cabinets underneath. All the shelves are gone and there are lots of holes to patch. I'm working on that today.

This is the other side of the room. I always intended for this area to be my "clean" area where I could sew or work on non-messy projects. That didn't happen much because I usually piled things on this table.

Speaking of piling things...
this is what my dining room looks like right now...

I've been piling everything from the studio in the dining room because it's the least used room in the house most of the time. There's even more stuff on the other side of the table that you can't see in this picture. Can you say "too much stuff"...I really need to sort and get rid of things.

I sure hope I hold up through this whole project! I've moved all this stuff mostly by myself because HB is busy with his garage project. He did take down all the shelves and move the bookcases but I moved all the boxes of stuff. Oh, my aching back!!

Okay now it's on to the painting.


  1. There's never too much stuff! Good luck with your project!

  2. Don't loose sight of your end goal
    . . . it always take a mess and some piles of stuff everywhere, before it is all put back in a new and fresh way. I know that when you are finished you are going to have a magnificent work area. Don't forget that all your blogging sisters are here encouraging your victory. Bravo!
    Have a creative day, Connie :)

  3. A lot of hard work Janet but oh such a wonderful feeling-keep on going.

  4. Yep too much stuff alright!! Just like me!! I told you that was a winter job...good for you forging ahead. That my dear is A LOT of work~~Can't wait to see the finished project~~

    Hugs Giggles

  5. I'm sure it will look wonderful when finished!

  6. I have said the same thing a couple of times since we started back on the bedroom, but I just keep thinking of all that new carpet, a new bed, and all the fun I will have later. Just think of all that art you will be creating when this is over.........keep thinking.....keep thinking....Love, Mary
    And in the middle I all this I wrote a story for my blog...finished the story today.

  7. oh my! what an undertaking. I look forward to seeing more pictures of your progress along the way.

  8. Keep going! Good for you in taking the courage to start this, as there is always a point when you think, what have I done! It will renew your creative spirit.

    Looking at my room I know I should be doing what you are.

  9. Did you have to move all of this stuff from one floor to another?
    Looks like a lot of hard work, but it will be worth it when it is all done....can't wait to see the finished room. Take your time, most accidents happen when we get in a hurry!

  10. Aaaah! I'm about to do the same thing! In about two weeks - Kendra is at camp and I'm gonna redo the studio. But now I'm wondering if I want to open that can of worms . . . . okay yes I do! We will be happy when it's all done ;) xoxo

  11. Don't panic. It's a great way to get to know what you have in your stash. When it's all done you'll be more than happy that it's done.

  12. This is the hard phase, but soon it will be over with and you'll have a wonderful new space to play in.

  13. Wow! You are very industrious! What color are you painting the room? This is going to look soooo nice when you get it done.

  14. Phew! Good luck continuing :-)

  15. That is what my front room looks like these days and it's getting worse as I empy MY studio. Krista is moving back home and of course, my room is becoming her room again. **sigh**


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