Monday, September 24, 2012

My Mojo Is On Hiatus!

Didn't you just know this would happen...I have a nice new studio space and no inspiration! I still can't seem to get going with anything. Not sure what the problem is but I wish it would go away.

I played around with a face the other day...

I'm not pleased with her but don't know what to do. 
She doesn't have any life. 

Then I messed around with a print-out of another face I did several years ago...

It's okay but nothing really special...just some papers glued down over a textured background. I don't know where my mojo went but it's definitely on hiatus somewhere!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Party's Over...

Yesterday was my 69th birthday 
and this morning I'm paying the price for too much partying!

Actually we postponed the partying until next week. But HB pampered and spoiled me all day long...wouldn't let me lift a finger to do anything. Not even to feed the kitties. He did it all! And I got to enjoy this yummy cake with lavender flowers...

All in all it was a good day. Phone calls from both my kids, lots of cards and emails from all my friends (in fact I still have to respond to a few more)...and to top it off, I don't feel any older than I did the day before!

PS - I hope my "twin" had a fun filled birthday, too! You know who you are!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

It Didn't Take Me Long...

It sure didn't take me long to make a mess on my new work table! 

I started making a card for a friend of mine who is in hospice with maybe a year to live. She loves anything red so I made sure to include it in her card...

This is the same technique I used to make postcards last year. You can see some of them here. I love making these gals wearing hats.

I hope she brings a little joy to my friend.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Believe It or Not!!

I'm actually playing in the new studio!! I still have a few things left on my work table that need to find a home but I was able to drag out some paints and get my hands dirty this afternoon.

HB caught me through the doorway as I started putting some paint on this 11" x 14" canvas board. I have no idea where it's going but this is what I have so far...

Definitely a WIP but it feels so good to be able to put some paint on a canvas. It's been way too long. I think all our hard work has been worth it. I know I'm going to spend many happy hours at this work table.

Now I'm going to finish covering the work table with brown paper. I only got part of it done when I just couldn't wait any longer...I had to paint!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

It's Slow Going...

By now I had hoped to have the new studio up and running but that hasn't happened. It's taking me much longer than I thought to get things done. Later you'll see why.

The bookcase behind my door has been filled up. That wasn't too hard to do as it's all books. I had planned to go through all of them but it was just taking too long. I'll sort them as time allows.

The second bookcase above holds much of my drawing and painting supplies plus books on those subjects. I think it might be the only part of the studio that seems to be finished.

 This third bookcase is a complete mess! And there are still things stacked on the floor and on the shelf in front of the window. I need to re-arrange all the shelves in this bookcase and that means taking everything off the shelves...big job!

I hung some art and brought back this three drawer unit to hold my beads and embroidery threads. I haven't done much of either in a long time but that was mostly because my supplies were inaccessible in the old studio. I hope now that I can get to them I might use them more often.

I thought I'd show you that I really get into my projects. This is the tee shirt and shorts that I wore almost every day during the studio re-do. I would just wash them and put them right back on again for the next day because I didn't want to mess up too many items of clothing. It was several days into the project when I realized that my outfit matched my project...turquoise and dark charcoal! I think I'll retire this outfit!

And last, I'm going to share with you why this is taking me so long. This is my right leg after about a week and a was taken this morning.

Aren't I the colorful one!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Everything Old is New Again...

So many of you have commented about the new studio...thank you. I thought I would give you a little background into what we did because this is a studio done on a very small budget. Very little of it is actually new.

Way back when I had an online book business, HB designed and built a wonderful desk area for both of us. This is what it looked like...we sat facing each other but had a small partition between us.

Above was my you can clearly see that the old desk top has now become my new studio work table and the shelf above the old desk is now the hanging shelf above my studio work space. Much of the remainder of this old system was used to make additional shelves in the studio.

And this was HB's side...that's one of the bookcases I re-purposed, too. The other two were also in my old studio...all leftovers from my book business (and all bought used.)

In the photo above you can see in the background the old cabinet that was in the garage when we moved here. It was not in good shape but I brought it into the office and used it as a packaging area for books. Now it has been reinforced, the doors removed and I painted it black with white's proof!

It's now the base for my work table.

If you remember, I was lucky to find all the paint for only $5.00 a gallon...the dark charcoal, the lovely turquoise for the walls, and the raspberry color for some pops here and there. Each gallon was only $5.00 because it was paint that had been incorrectly mixed for someone. I did have to buy one more gallon of the dark color plus a gallon of Kilz primer at regular prices. We re-used all the shelving that was in my old studio. I still have the shelf up high that goes around the room.

The light fixture over my work area is new, and I bought new handles for the cabinet drawers. Oh, and I almost forgot...I bought 4 rolls of metallic wrapping paper at the Dollar Store to use on the bookcases.  I think that was the extent of my new purchases for the studio. 

Not bad for a recycled studio! And it helps to have a hubby who is very handy...and no, you can't borrow him!!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

A Little Progress...

Bringing the stuff back into the studio is taking a long time. Since my fall, my right leg is bruised from the knee almost to the ankle so there's no getting down on my knees to work on the lower shelves. All the storage under my work table is still pretty much empty. I'm searching for some baskets to put on the shelves to help me organize things. Haven't found the right size yet.

I do have the paint section of one of the bookcases set up.

I will probably raise the shelf that the paintbrushes are on because it's a much bigger space than I need for them. I added little bands of turquoise paper to my storage items (tin cans!)...and those books on the shelf are some of my painting books.

I have my other paints in the drawer under the work table so they're directly opposite the bookcase storage.

 My other drawer under the work table has some of my favorite stamps in it. I may change all of this but for now this is how I'm doing it.

Yesterday HB added two more shelves for me! 

The one above is for my glues. It's only about 6" deep and comes off the back corner of my work table. I still have to finish off the edge with some paint.

He added a shelf under my window and he rounded off the edges so I wouldn't be bumping into it all the time. This was an extra shelf that I had painted earlier so now I have to go back and paint the edges.

That little table used to hold my paint carousel. Not sure what it will be good for now but my sewing machine fits nicely on the bottom. The red color isn't showing as it truly looks in real life. It's a most yummy raspberry color. I have only used a little bit of it here and there in the room.

And here's the mess right now! But you can see my new light above the work space. It has natural light fluorescent tubes and I love it. When I turn it on it just floods the room with light. Now if I could just get to my work space!!