Saturday, September 01, 2012

A Little Progress...

Bringing the stuff back into the studio is taking a long time. Since my fall, my right leg is bruised from the knee almost to the ankle so there's no getting down on my knees to work on the lower shelves. All the storage under my work table is still pretty much empty. I'm searching for some baskets to put on the shelves to help me organize things. Haven't found the right size yet.

I do have the paint section of one of the bookcases set up.

I will probably raise the shelf that the paintbrushes are on because it's a much bigger space than I need for them. I added little bands of turquoise paper to my storage items (tin cans!)...and those books on the shelf are some of my painting books.

I have my other paints in the drawer under the work table so they're directly opposite the bookcase storage.

 My other drawer under the work table has some of my favorite stamps in it. I may change all of this but for now this is how I'm doing it.

Yesterday HB added two more shelves for me! 

The one above is for my glues. It's only about 6" deep and comes off the back corner of my work table. I still have to finish off the edge with some paint.

He added a shelf under my window and he rounded off the edges so I wouldn't be bumping into it all the time. This was an extra shelf that I had painted earlier so now I have to go back and paint the edges.

That little table used to hold my paint carousel. Not sure what it will be good for now but my sewing machine fits nicely on the bottom. The red color isn't showing as it truly looks in real life. It's a most yummy raspberry color. I have only used a little bit of it here and there in the room.

And here's the mess right now! But you can see my new light above the work space. It has natural light fluorescent tubes and I love it. When I turn it on it just floods the room with light. Now if I could just get to my work space!!


  1. Woo Hoo! Looking good. Now, if your leg would hurry and heal things would almost be perfect!

  2. Again...awesome space. it seems that you have a place for everything now!!

  3. Very nice. Love the organization! BTW - I'm dying to know where you got your paint carousel - that is so cool!

  4. It's beautiful. And so "neat". LOL I can tell you have not been arting!

  5. Janet your husband is so thoughtful. The studio is fantastic. Sorry about your fall. Take it easy all will come together. I have to mention you left a comment this morning on my blog. So I click on your name to respond and once again blogger came up saying you are a private blog and I cannot leave a message. I got to you this time as I was googling something and your name came up.

  6. Your studio is looking great, Janet. You seem to have lots of great space to work with. I'm sorry to hear about your fall; I have some blog posts to catch up on! I hope you heal quickly.

  7. yep, making good progress, almost there!
    I have trouble getting down to low shelves too with the old knees, so putting things in baskets and sliding them out when needed I find is a helpful thing.

  8. It looks great with some of your supplies put away. Soon you'll be creating to your hearts content. So happy for you.

  9. Hi there Janet. Sorry I haven't visited for awhile. Life has been pretty busy. Have been catching up on your blog posts and was so sorry to hear about your fall! It sounded (and looked) very nasty. Hope you heal very soon.
    Glad you had a special day with Molly recently. Love the idea of spraypainting a cushion! And your studio is looking beautiful. So crisp and clean. Love the colors you have used. And lining your shelves with silver paper is a wonderful idea. You are so clever (as is HB too). Love from me and the kitties. Dot xx

  10. Fabulous new art room!! But I hope your leg is okay.... I worry about that fall!!! Keep a good eye on it. Any regression you get to emergency, and don't fool around!! But look at your new space, so much fun to be had in there! I imagine days and nights will flow together now!! lol Enjoy, it's beautiful!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Look at all those art supplies!!! I'm drooling.

    I'm sorry about your bruise. That sounds so painful! The only thing I can say is, frozen peas. They'll conform to your leg more than an ice pack.

  12. I haven't blogged much at all this Summer, and I'm sorry to hear of your fall Janet. I hope it begins to get better soon. It sounds painful.
    The studio is coming together and it looks good. A lot of work I imagine, especially when you aren't feeling 100%.
    Hugs ♥♥

  13. I've been gone so long. Firstly, I'm so sorry to hear of your injury. May you heal quickly.
    Secondly, TEAL! holy cow am I jealous of your gorgeous and organized teal studio!

  14. I love seeing your supplies and how you are storing them. So pretty!

  15. By the way, the turquoise walls rock my world. I wish I had the time *(and reverse space) to move everything from my walls and paint it that color. I'd probably be better doing that in the bedroom -- less wall stuff!


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