Wednesday, September 05, 2012

It's Slow Going...

By now I had hoped to have the new studio up and running but that hasn't happened. It's taking me much longer than I thought to get things done. Later you'll see why.

The bookcase behind my door has been filled up. That wasn't too hard to do as it's all books. I had planned to go through all of them but it was just taking too long. I'll sort them as time allows.

The second bookcase above holds much of my drawing and painting supplies plus books on those subjects. I think it might be the only part of the studio that seems to be finished.

 This third bookcase is a complete mess! And there are still things stacked on the floor and on the shelf in front of the window. I need to re-arrange all the shelves in this bookcase and that means taking everything off the shelves...big job!

I hung some art and brought back this three drawer unit to hold my beads and embroidery threads. I haven't done much of either in a long time but that was mostly because my supplies were inaccessible in the old studio. I hope now that I can get to them I might use them more often.

I thought I'd show you that I really get into my projects. This is the tee shirt and shorts that I wore almost every day during the studio re-do. I would just wash them and put them right back on again for the next day because I didn't want to mess up too many items of clothing. It was several days into the project when I realized that my outfit matched my project...turquoise and dark charcoal! I think I'll retire this outfit!

And last, I'm going to share with you why this is taking me so long. This is my right leg after about a week and a was taken this morning.

Aren't I the colorful one!