Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ephemera Storage is a Challenge!

Lee had a post on today asking about how everyone organizes paper and ephemera. That's an on-going challenge for me, too. So I thought I'd do a little update on how I've been organizing things in the studio.

 This is a stack of two 3-drawer units that are made for scrapbook papers. I have my papers sorted by color. I can just remove a drawer and set it on the worktable when I want to use paper.

This stack is on the other side of a little table under my window and it holds magazine clippings and other larger pieces of ephemera. Stacked on the top of it are about 10 pads of scrapbook paper! I can't seem to resist the stuff!

This is not so pretty but for now it works. These cardboard boxes and over-sized shoe boxes hold more paper ephemera...they aren't full! They're sitting on the large hanging shelf over my worktable. Those are big canvases over on the right hand side.

I've tried so many different ways to organize paper and ephemera...file folders, sort by subject, sort by color, sort by theme, etc. None of them seem to work for me. Sometimes I search for things in a color range and other times I want a particular image.

I've done much more organizing but I'll save that for another day. Now I'll ask the same question Lee asked...how do you store your ephemera?


  1. You are way organized, i like the way you do yours, that I might give a try

  2. I love all sorts of plastic crates and boxes similar to yours and lees! I dont use cardboard boaxes as they attract bugs over here, so its plastic all the way> I'll be interested to see what others write as this is a v intersting subject! any solutions on pintrest?

  3. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Hi Janet...thanks for coming by...sorry I haven't been around lately...last week was very busy for me.
    I am always eager to hear how others manage their "papers." It's a constant source of dismay for me. I organize for a little while but I can't seem to stay ahead....I get things out to use and before I know it I have a mountain of "stuff" around me...lol....I know, it sounds like a personal problem. Any tips from you or Lee will be appreciated...I'll stay tuned for sure!

  4. Nice organization...I don't have much so it's in a wood box in my family room...the box lid has my heart art on it and doubles as a coffee table for my family room..

    Hugs Giggles

  5. This looks great. I don't have any organiced storage and was tempted to send you a photo of all the piles on my floor, from an opened drawer and from some cupboards. he he.
    I have the advantage of having a very small studio so it's fairly quick done to tidy it up. Yours looks perfect though.

  6. I'm impressed! I've been trying file folders in a file cabinet and it's working pretty well so far. but I still have two messy baskets of random stuff on the floor. my "inbox" of things waiting to be filed. it's hard to stay on top of it. I got your great postcard and the bookmarks for the swap this week. thanks! beautiful work as always.

  7. I like the one with the label, 'Things and Stuff' - I could put that on all of mine, lol. I have a couple of those stackable bins and a couple of other plastic bins, as well as other stashes, here and there - and I can't really say any of it's organized! Unfortunately that task keeps getting moved down on my to-do list. One of these days... Yours' looks good, though!

  8. Hi Janet,
    Your organization looks great to me. I store some ephemera is small ziploc bags and then all the bags are in a drawer. The bags hold similar things. I also have some ephemera in a storage container that is smaller. I have lots of Tim Holtz stuff and they are all in the same container. For me storage is always a combination of things.


  9. You look pretty organized to me. I really like the plactic containers.
    I think you must have a lot more
    "paper stuff" than I do. I get into trouble because I like to many different things. Material,
    buttons,beads,polymer clay and all that goes with using those things.

  10. This is so good, I have to open boxes that are the right size for 12x12 paper. They are in my window seat, so that is how I have them color coded so that I can see what is there. For scrps, I have plastic selves like yours. Since I don't have a craft room, I do the best I can to keep things out of site. I have a large laundry room, that is where I have the plastic selves on rollers, that way I can bring them out when needed.
    Your studio is so wonderful, You and HB did such a great job. Have a wonderful Fall day, Your Mary

  11. Pretty much like you. Those plastic drawers are soooooo handy for holding all sorts of things.

  12. Oh wow. You're a better person than I am. Mine is scattered, no order, among drawers and drawers!!

  13. I don't store it well! Right now it's all in file folders and not well marked ones at that. I really need to spend some time dividing holidays from food from cats from pretty ladies. you'll note the 'really need to." This implies I haven't. Bingo! I do like your drawer system -- I've got to see if I can figure out room to do that for me.

  14. I wish I was that organized AND I wish I had that much ephemera. Wow! You've really created the perfect way to find just what you need at any given time. What I do have is a bit scattered in this drawer or that. The exact reason I cannot wait to get this dang studio back in working order. You inspire!


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