Sunday, October 14, 2012

Finishing More Little Projects...

Today is a quiet, lazy day and I've been finishing up a few more of my little WIPs. I'm also trying to sort out and organize all my scraps of paper and images. Notice I said trying! I never seem to be able to organize them in a way that's convenient.

 Five more little cards. All but two are postcard size...the two blue ones are smaller. Maybe I can use them on a regular card.
 "I'm not going to cry all the time"

 "I have skirted the law on many occasions"

 "Inner Guidance"

 "She adores, abuses and mocks her guests"

"My target was a skinny guy with bad posture"

I like randomly cutting out words from old books
 and using them on the cards. 
The weirder, the better!

Definitely two different styles. The looser/messier faces were done after a class with Mystele. The other face (the first one) is what I usually do. Which do you prefer?

Whatever you're doing today I hope it's a good day for you...Happy Sunday!!!