Sunday, October 14, 2012

Finishing More Little Projects...

Today is a quiet, lazy day and I've been finishing up a few more of my little WIPs. I'm also trying to sort out and organize all my scraps of paper and images. Notice I said trying! I never seem to be able to organize them in a way that's convenient.

 Five more little cards. All but two are postcard size...the two blue ones are smaller. Maybe I can use them on a regular card.
 "I'm not going to cry all the time"

 "I have skirted the law on many occasions"

 "Inner Guidance"

 "She adores, abuses and mocks her guests"

"My target was a skinny guy with bad posture"

I like randomly cutting out words from old books
 and using them on the cards. 
The weirder, the better!

Definitely two different styles. The looser/messier faces were done after a class with Mystele. The other face (the first one) is what I usually do. Which do you prefer?

Whatever you're doing today I hope it's a good day for you...Happy Sunday!!!


  1. They're all lovely. I prefer the first one, just because it is more you. Glad to see you are getting back into the swing of things :)

  2. These are fun! I have a Halloween piece running around in the back of my head, but I've been so busy with other things, I don't know if I will get to it before Oct 31!!!!! Happy to see you having fun!

  3. Hello favorite is the last one for sure! These are really fun!

  4. I feel a new flavor to your work!! The four have a mystele/Janet flare to them....which I love by the way!! The other is more contrived but fun too!! Glad to see you back into it! The creative process is messy...if you want tidy (papers) the lull will probably be present too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. oooo fantastic and fun sized! I like the new style of face, but not sure that I prefer one over the other. I love the random sentences you put with them!

  6. These are so great! I laughed at the last one - "skinny guy with bad posture" - that is so random! I like both styles. Love to see you experimenting with looser brush strokes, but also love the "Janet face".

  7. THEY ARE ALL AWESOME. I don't have a favorite...Love and hugs to you ((xx))

  8. I love your words!
    Especially, "She adores, abuses and mocks her guests!" That's wonderful! These are pretty darned charming!

  9. I like all of them. Your regular style faces are more open, more direct. The new ones are holding back but not less interesting because of that. I couldnt choose between them. Love to see your art.

  10. i like your usual face the first one.

  11. These are great.....I can't pick a fave! I adore finding great words and lines from books or magazines but you, you found some AMAZING ones. Love them!
    PS summer is back up here - boooo!!!

  12. I just love your postcards - the fun snippets of text really bring the characters alive. Awesome!

  13. Fun faces! I like 'em all. The text really adds a nice bit of whimsy.

  14. Love these Janet, they all have great personality.

  15. LOVE your girls and their quirky, funny sayings. I love to do the same thing with weird book quotes - too fun!


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