Friday, October 12, 2012

Postcards and Bookmarks...

The weather has cooled down and it actually feels like autumn and yet my mojo hasn't returned. Each day I try to do a little something in the studio hoping that it will kick-start my creativity and get me going again.

Mostly I've been working on postcards and bookmarks...small things that don't take too much thought.

 Above are some of the postcards I've finished. Some of them were partially done and sitting in a box. I got them out, added little bits and pieces and called them done.

The same with these bookmarks. Many of them were only needing some ribbon or a little added embellishment. I still have a couple that still need ribbon. I think that means a trip to Joann's!

I enjoy making these little things. I use the sides of boxes for bookmarks and add images from magazines and any scraps of paper I have. The postcards are sometimes done on cardboard from boxes or from postcards I get in the mail. You know, the junky kind advertising something. I just cover them over and make something out of them.