Sunday, October 21, 2012

Prepped and Ready...and Waiting

I wish I could tell you that I have come out of my art slump and have been busily painting lots of canvases over the past few days...but that would be a lie. I actually prepped four canvases...

But they're still staring at me and nothing has been added to them. There's something so peaceful and meditative about covering canvases with torn bits of paper. I thought for sure it would get the juices flowing again but it didn't.

So I sit in my studio and look through some of my finished work and try to get back to that feeling I had when I painted them.

And then I walk over to the computer and spend way too much time looking at other people's art!


  1. I'm sure you'll get richly paid when the time is there. At least you're preparing for the right moment, not bad!
    I'm still in doll modus and had a fab time today. I'll write a post about it. I'll send you some magic dust to get you going. :)

  2. They look pretty good and I'm sure when the time is right, you will feel drawn to put brush to canvas. Sometimes, we just need that break to regenerate. xo

  3. Hey, at least they are prepped, which is a heck of a lot better than any of mine are right now. It will pass. I promise you!

  4. hey we all ha ve those days, i know your mojo will come back your a great artist

  5. I think your place might be too clean...all the creative energy is now tucked away with everything

    I love that large looks so cool I'd have a hard time painting on it!! I know what you mean about having that lull. I think it's a time of reflection, resurrection of the redirection!! If that makes any sense! Just doodle in a sketch book for a while, get everything off your mind into a journal page, and then see where it takes you. Look for some art prompts....see where that takes you!! Good luck....

  6. I understand your feelings Janet....the good thing for you is your studio is ready for action. Soon you will be and it will happen organically when the time and inspiration is just right!

  7. A quick note about my blog post - When I said I love pumpkin best roasted with the skin on...I meant cut into chunks with seeds removed, coated with olive oil, then sprinkled with garlic powder and salt, All Purpose or Vegeta seasoning. Although pumpkins can certainly be roasted whole too, I've never done it. :)

  8. Hi Janet...what a pleasant surprise I had in my mail box today(Monday)...thank you so much. I'll email you tomorrow. I have made a duct tape journal to send to Karen at "Mail me some Art"...button my blog if you don't have it and are interested. It is something you can do fast and send it off by Friday. At least you have some canvas prepped...that's a step in the right direction.

  9. Those canvasses look yummy. I can see paint being splashed all over them. The dun will soon begin. I'd love to be able to come over and splash away on your canvases with you.
    My suggestion is to stop thinking about it. Just take out your paints and put some color on a palette and then on one of the canvases. Imagine that you are in artistic flow and see what happens.
    Love ya,


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