Monday, October 01, 2012

Some Sunday Inspiration...

Since my mojo has been in hiding lately, HB and I decided to do something different this weekend. The next town over from us has been renovating an area of the town and calling it The Blvd. They opened an art museum this past spring and I kept meaning to get over to see it but just never did...until yesterday.

It's the Museum of Art and History. It's not new to the area but they just built a new museum to house their art...

We picked the right day to visit...Sundays are free! We didn't know that when we went so it was a pleasant surprise. It's a very bright, open and airy building.

When you enter this is the display along the wall...

Do you know Dorothy Lamour...If you aren't as old as me you probably won't know who she is! That's her in the top right painting. Doesn't she just look like old Hollywood when it was glamorous!

The painting you see just before you enter the first gallery was very interesting for me. It has a lot of texture and just spoke to me...

 Frozen by Dan McCaw is oil on canvas and very large. 

The first gallery was showing The Contemporary Figure: Past Presence. It's a collection of paintings by Southern California artists and we loved it.

 This is the view as you enter. That huge face is fantastic. I have some other shots of it later.

And this view is from the second floor walkway.

I'll show you a few of the paintings that we liked...

 This one is called Great Steaks, Old Irish Bar Philadelphia by Sergio Sanchez...HB liked this one for all the detail.

 Sparkle Party At Black and White by Natalia Fabia
...this one really has details!

 This painting done on pellon is JFK We Are All Berliners by Kent Twitchell and it fascinated me.

 It's very large as you will see in one of the photos below. And there were pencil lines along the left side marking different sections of the painting. I thought the painting technique was so cool and I tried to get a close up...
 You can see all those squiggly lines in his shirt...almost as if the painting was stopped before he finished. I loved this piece!

 Here you can see how big it is. It just caught your eye and didn't let you go.

 We both liked this painting...Memory Bliss by Seamus Conley a self-taught artist. The hair on the girl was beautiful. Each strand seemed to be painted separately.

 This painting dominated the room. It's called Zero Nine Two One One Nine Eight Seven and it's by Eric Pederson.
 I tried to get a close-up of his technique. This is the left side of the mouth and nose. I can't imagine working this big! But I'd love to try it some day.

 Another gallery had several of these dresses. They're cyanotypes by Jennifer Glass. She uses vintage gowns from her own collection to create life-size imprints on chemically treated canvas. That's HB getting a closer look.
There were several of these pieces in one room each one showcased by lighting. I enjoyed seeing these and learning about her process.

There was quite a bit more but I won't bore you with any more pictures. The roof of the museum has a place to display large sculptures but there were only a couple up there yesterday. I think they probably use the rooftop terrace for parties as there were a couple of glassed in rooms up there. It would be pretty at night. At the middle of the day with temperatures nearing 100ยบ it wasn't a place I wanted to spend much time!! 

We thoroughly enjoyed the museum and will go back for future exhibits. Now I'm waiting to see if all of this has inspired my mojo to come back to me...nothing so far!


  1. Great way to spend a day!!!

  2. Thanks for the tour, so many interesting paintings. Like you I fell for JFK and the ones with the dresses on blue background. Isn't it fantastic to walk around looking at so much art and all so different! I love doing that from time to time. No wonder you'll go back.

  3. Wow that was a fabulous tour. So glad you got those photos, often times it's difficult or they ban photographs.

    I am amazed that only part of JfKs face is showing yet we still know it's him... My favorite is the large face..thanks for getting those brush cool...

    I am amazed at an artist getting the tattoos down pat too!! That whole scene captures this era. Just like pretty in pink does the eighties!!

    Hope your mojo returns mine is not at it's best right now either...I feel the color but not the weird it feels wavy..kind of in and out like the energy is depleted.

    Thanks for sharing...loved it!

    Why don't you go purchase a few pumpkins and paint them like Alisa Burke.... Maybe that will help!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Thank you for taking us to the museum with you! I love Frozen and Zero Nine Two One One Nine Eight Seven. Such an interesting technique!
    I love how Giggles suggested you paint pumpkins like Alisa Burke. I would like to try and do the same too. It might make your fingers itch for more paint and play. xo

  5. Oh what a fun day, you might not have spent any time making art but you had a wonderful day of making memories. I fell off the "art wagon" so far back I can't find it, but when I am least expecting it'll show up coming around the bend and I'll jump back on just as excited as the very first time.

  6. Fabulous tour Janet and great photos by you as well.

  7. loved the tour, and I love going to art galleries too, they are indeed inspiring places! That huge face was amazing, and I liked the one of JFK too. I remember watching old movies with dorothy lamour in them when I was young! so yes I'm old enough to remember her too!

  8. Well if your mojo does not return perhaps it's your time to be an absorbent sponge. This museum looks incredible! LOVED the dominant face.

  9. That was a very inspiring tour, Janet...thanks for taking us with you. Some of those techniques are quite fascinating and effective. Yes, I know of Dorothy Lamour...the older movies definitely had a sense of glamour, didn't they?

    Have a lovely week ~ xo

  10. The museum looks like fun. What a great way to get enthused. I like several of the painting you showed. It must be an awesome place.


  11. loved your tour of the museum. hope it inspires you.

  12. oooooo thanks for sharing! These are fantastic. What a great museum. That first oil painting looks like it could also be a sculpture piece. How interesting!

  13. Hi Janet....I agree, a great way to spend the day! And, thanks for sharing the photos of all the great art because most likely I'll never get to see those in person. It's still cool here...supposed to be in the higher 30's tonight. Last year we didn't have colder weather until the end of November. Enjoy your weekend!!!

  14. What a wonderful way to spend a day. Arney and I love to go to art shows here in Boise. It is amazing to see what people can do. Thank you for sharing these...and you will find your art, it is just waiting for the right moment. Think of you, Love, Mary

  15. This looks like a lovely museum -- I do like the light. And yes, I remember Dorothy Lamour! Love the Kennedy portrait -- quite fascinating; I'm glad you showed the close-ups. And the Irish Bar reminded me of an Edward Hopper. What a treat to have this in your community!

  16. Thank you for the close up photos of some of these pieces, Janet...some really fascinating and beautiful work. I hope you found some inspiration there!


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