Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stencils...and More Stencils

Hi...my name is Janet and I have a stencil addiction! Well, maybe it isn't quite that bad but I do love me some stencils. I keep most of them in a large 3-ring binder...

 This binder has seen some rough treatment...
and there are paint splatters on the front.

It's chock full of stencils...
some I bought and 
some I cut myself.

The Buddha stencil is one I cut myself.
I used it to make prayer flags a few years ago.

 The sunburst was a stencil I cut during 
my first class with Mary Ann Moss.
I loved her stencil class 
and learned so much from her.

I also like using lace as a stencil. 
Something else I picked up from Mary Ann's class.
These hangers are on the back of my studio door
and hold bits and pieces of lace...
plus a couple of larger pieces that I found at the thrift store.
I just cut small pieces off them when I need to.

 My larger stencils are kept in a drawer.
These are too big for the binder 
but many of them are the ones I use most.
I love the ones that are laser-cut scrapbook papers.

Can you tell I love stencils!