Friday, November 02, 2012

Being Creative Every Day...

You all know (and are probably tired of hearing about) how I've been struggling with my creativity over the past several months. It's still not what it used to be but I'm working at it. Now that November is here it might get better. Every year Leah Piken does Creative Every Day Month and I've participated several times.

This year I haven't "officially" signed up but I made myself a promise that I'd play along. Yesterday was a busy day but in the evening I managed to get some time in the studio...

 As you can see by my messy work table I have been playing around.

 This is a journal spread that I started using stencils and spray paint.

And this journal spread is from a Life Book 2012 class by Juliette Crane. As you can see none of these pages are finished but I will continue to work on them over the next few days. Leah's idea is that you just do something creative each day...and I did.

Now I have another busy day...HB and I are working in the yard getting ready for winter. Yesterday we trimmed trees and I think there will be more of the same today. The weather is still beautiful...bright and sunny and in the 70's. I wish I could send some of it back East to the storm damaged areas.


  1. Looking good! Lots of color!! I haven't played with Leah in several years ... I should!

  2. Janet I wish you could send us some of that weather too. It's cold and damp here, and it seems the sunny colourful days of Fall are behind us. Your journal spreads look promising, you must be pleased with them. I shall come back and see how they finished up. Have fun..!

  3. I think you took advantage very well,of your little time.
    Your creativity is very good.
    I like the colors you're using ... and the design of the stencils.

  4. At least you're on the go. I like what I see and especially the two cuties in your last photo. You'll have a joyful time working on them.

    I once read to leave a work in progress over night, that way one has an easy start the next day.I've tried it out and it really works well for me. Good luck with all your stuff.
    Terrible pictures from the East coast, seems unreal.

  5. love those pages, cant wait to go to nice weather, we have had snow, snow wind, rain, freezing rain, and nice above zero.

  6. love those pages, cant wait to go to nice weather, we have had snow, snow wind, rain, freezing rain, and nice above zero.

  7. I love seeing your creative play, Janet...always so colourful and interesting. I'm glad you're playing along for AEDM, official or not. xo

  8. Play is always good!

  9. Cute owl and pages in progress. I am that way it sometimes takes me weeks to finish a page. I am glad you are doing art every day even if you didn't sign up.


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