Sunday, November 18, 2012

Catching Up on Being Creative...

I haven't posted in several days but that doesn't mean I haven't been being creative each day. Plus it was time for this...

HB and I had to get our firewood for winter. That's always a busy day for us. We don't have it delivered...we go pick it up ourselves (saves money!) ...but that means loading it in the truck, unloading it at home and then stacking it up. Could I count that as being creative one day?? I did a really nice job of stacking and it looks very creative to me! It was about all I got done that day so I hope you'll let me slide on that one!

 I did get busy the next day on more Winter Girls.
Four of them sold at the salon so I need to replace them.

 These two are almost finished...
and I have six more that are in various stages.
That takes me up to Saturday.

Then yesterday I was cruising around Pinterest and saw something that inspired me...but like a dummy I got so excited about trying it that I forgot to pin what I saw!

Here's what I'm working on...
6 x 6 deep canvas
It isn't finished yet but so far I like it.
The picture that inspired me had a LOT of
frilly things which isn't really me.

This is my own version and a bit more "messy" and more "me" that the one I saw on Pinterest.

So that brings me up to date for the past few days...Today I'll be working on more Winter Girls and finishing the dress canvas. Oh, and I'll be making pancakes, too! HB wants pancakes today.


  1. Congrats on selling your winter girls. Isn't that inspiring? Forgot where you found it on pinterest, a good lead to me is this: it's not where you take it from but where you take it to,that matters.
    Your own version will be different, that's good enough.
    It's so cool to see you play again!!

  2. Good for you Janet....I can't believe you are still stacking wood at your age!! That's awesome!! You know what I love most about you, even though you're up there in age, your color and art are always so current!! Often times you go to craft fairs the ladies work so hard on a throw or scarf using scraps of wool with bad color combos. Your art and colors are always so beautiful!! So happy you sold those few pieces!! Very exciting!! Love the dress one too!! Those will probably go very quickly !!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Fabulous Janet! So happy for you for selling some of your winter girls! They're fantastic! And the dress looks beautiful and Janet messy! Yes, stacking wood counts! Have a good week. xo

  4. Your winter girls series might be my favorites. And the wood -- we did that at the lake late this summer. Boy -- that's a job and a half!


  5. You have a very special way of sharing your time ... You make all your projects, and also do your personal chores.
    I sometimes do not know how to reach me time.
    And you're always full of creativity, even with so much work.

  6. I'm not suprised those winter girls were snapped up! they were gorgeous! well done, and have fun creating some more winter girls!

  7. I love your winter girls, as I said before, so not surprised they were snapped up!
    I love your dress - I would like one just like it for the party season :-)

  8. Pancakes sounds great today. I love seeing all the art you've done. Its inspiring me.

  9. Congratulations on your sales, Janet! Pancakes seem appropriate for the day too - because I wouldn't be at all surprised that your Winter Girls would be selling like hotcakes! ;)


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