Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 11 - Being Creative

So far, so good. 
I've been doing at least a little bit each day. 
Here's what I did yesterday...

My work table is a mess but I had fun with these girls.

This is Winter Girl 8...

Winter Girl 9...

And Winter Girl 10

Making these is a good way for me to use up all those little scraps of paper that I can't bear to throw away. These girls have chubbier faces than the ones I did last year. I think they had too much hot chocolate and cookies while trying to stay warm in the snow!


Does anyone know why a particular blog post gets targeted? I have one post on my Artopia blog that seems to be a favorite for ads. In the last three or four days there have been almost 80 hits on this one post and it's all crap. The post doesn't have anything but a picture of one of my paintings and a couple of quick sentences about the painting. No words that should attract anything unusual and yet they keep on coming! I don't want to use the word for fear of attracting more of it but it's that "meat" stuff that comes in a can!

I don't want to have to put back those annoying verification words. I hate having to do those when I visit so I don't want others to have to do them on my blogs. Why can't these "meat stuff" people find something productive to do!!


  1. Oh how I love your winter girls! They always make me smile. I think you've found a good way of using your scraps.
    I so much agree with you when it comes to verifications, I too dislike them very much. But, if that's the only way to avoid the crap you're talking about you might have to consider it for a short period.

  2. Your girls are such fun! I love their hats and scarves, all wrapped up against the cold. Really lovely.

    I also dislike the word verifications, since blogger made it two things to identify with so much difficulty. Perhaps you could authorise all your comments before allowing them to be published.

  3. Your winter girls are just too much fun!!!! Love them.

  4. I am loving these new winter girls! they are sooo sweet and I like the way their eyes are closed like they are thinking/dreaming or just having so much fun! are these going to the hairdressing studio too?

  5. Your girls are so fun Janet...I love all the patterns and colors and textures you have.

    I don't know about the problem you are having...have you tried to google it?

  6. All three make me smile, I love them! You are do it!!! Love, Mary

  7. I love how u captured the personalities of the girls thru their winter hats! Just adorable :)

  8. Your winter girls are so much fun, almost makes me look forward to winter. I hate word verification as I really have a hard time seeing them. Its frustrating commenting on blogs that have them.


  9. Can't help re the spam, but loving your winter girls!

  10. Your winter girls are so lovely! Each of them shines in her own way. As for the spam comments - I don't have the answer, but I noticed the same thing. Same as you, I don't want to put the word verification back, so I'm just deleting them (for now).

  11. Your winter girls are so much fun Janet! I love them. And if they make you use up scraps- very cool too!

    WV is a pain in the backside. How about just moderating comments for a month or so to see if they clear your system?

  12. You have been so creative! Love, love, love these winter girls - I think all that hot chocolate has given them some extra sparkle and charm!
    As for that stuff in a can, I have no idea what they get out of it. It shows up periodically on both my blogs but I just delete it when notified about the comment. It sure is frustrating though...Good luck!


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