Monday, November 05, 2012

Day 4 and 5 - Being Creative

Yesterday I didn't feel very creative but I managed to do a little more on the journal spread I started a few days ago. I find I'm having a hard time getting back into working in my art journal after so long away from it.

 I covered up the peachy color with some nickel azo gold 
and I like the orange-y color better.

 I also added some washi tape and a couple of stamps.

 The black paint was an accident but I think I like it. 

 I'm "auditioning" this Buddha picture on this page.
Haven't made up my mind yet so it isn't glued down.

And today I've been playing with Citra Solv. I have a huge stack of old National Geographic magazines from back in the 60's and 70's...they were a score at a thrift shop a couple of years ago. But I never seem to have much luck with the Citra Solve. I follow the directions but I seldom get any really cool results.

So that's my creativity for yesterday and today...not much, huh!


  1. I think Buddha passes the audition - the pages look great. How are you applying the citrasolv? I did a bunch of pages last year and some weren't great but lots I loved. I can't remember whose tutorial I used, but if I remember correctly I kind of squirted/sprinkled it over the pages, then closed the magazine for a while, then pulled all the pages out to dry. some of the pages that just had drips on them were the coolest.

  2. Your journal pages are looking great. I Love all those vibrant colors. I have had better luck using NeverDull. At least you are out there playing. That is all you need to do. Are you doing Art EVery Day?

  3. Your colors and patterns are like a Spring dance...I like the black too. Sometimes mistakes ARE good ones.

  4. It's great Janet and how cool to see the 3d-effect along the washi tape.I haven't been playing in my journal either for a long time. Right now I'm planing and making "prompts" for each week next year.Hope that will do the magic.

  5. oh janet - when you say that you did all this on a non creative day, it scares me to think that I couldnt even do half as well as this on a creatively brilliant day! lol! I love the buddha - he passes the audition for me! it looks wonderful!

  6. Love the colours on this spread, and I think the Buddha picture fits in great.

  7. Janet I love your pages! Those colors are gorgeous!! For not being very creative today, you sure pulled it off!! Stay You :D


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