Thursday, November 08, 2012

Day 7 - Being Creative

Wednesdays are usually difficult for me and creating because it's the day HB and I buy groceries and run errands. Plus by the time we're finished I'm ready for a nap!

So I don't have much to show you for yesterday. I managed to make a template of a bird...

 I just used a piece of cardboard from a frozen meal

and then cut it out of some scrapbooking papers. 
I want to embellish it quite a bit more 
but I ran out of steam last night!

I also cut up those political postcards...
and managed to get quite a lot from them:
11 regular sized postcards
5 over-sized postcards (I didn't cut them)
7 bookmarks of various sizes
and 3 5 x 7 journal cards.

Not much in the way of creativity but I think today will be better. I already have some things going on and hope to have something to share tomorrow. Oh, and I baked a sweet potato pie for our "yummy" last night...that counts, doesn't it!