Thursday, November 29, 2012

Still Being Creative...Only Different

Today I was creative in the kitchen! I hope that counts. Yes, I'm the one who hates to cook but I love to I printed out labels for things in my cabinets...

I like storing things in glass jars and I like to buy in bulk when possible. So jars of all sizes and shapes get put to work. These are just a few of the ones I labeled. Nothing fancy...just printed the words out on plain paper and taped them to the jars. Simple but it does the trick.

Then I juiced about a dozen lemons. We got a good deal at the store yesterday so I juiced them and put one tablespoon in each section of some old ice cube trays. That old glass juicer belonged to my grandma and I'm still using it.

I ended up with almost three trays of lemon cubes.

I'll freeze them and then just pop out one or two cubes when I need fresh lemon.
This is the kind of stuff I like to do in the kitchen. 
I'll gladly leave the actual cooking to someone else!
There was also some art done today but I can't show you.
It's a gift for someone who reads this blog.
I'll share later when I know they've received it.


  1. This is my kind of cooking in the kitchen. Love the old glass juicer. Bet your arm was sore though.

  2. What a good idea.
    They say you can do it with left over wine, then add it to food as it cooks. Maxine says 'who has leftover wine'?!!

  3. I love your organizing in the kitchen. You'd would love my label maker. I like to label all sorts of things. I have a blast with mine. Your lemon cubes sound like a great idea.


  4. your my kind of girl, I like to do that stuff and i like to organize

  5. my kind of girl too!!! I love labelling too!

  6. lemon cubes is such a good idea! I never seem to have a lemon when I need one and I don't really like the bottled lemon juice.

  7. Janet, what a great idea to freeze it for later use. Why didn't I think of that, thanks for sharing this brilliant idea. And..... that glass juicer,excactly the same as I have. Also an old one, but works perfectly well.

  8. Excellent idea to keep the lime juice ice cubes ​​.... I want to send by mail some hot peppers , to my brother in law and I do not how i can to preserve ...Do you know???? .. Please!!!! show me .. if you know.

  9. Sounds good!! Great idea with the lemon...pepper would love that for her drinks!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. I really want to get a deep freeze so I can do more of that kind of thing. I did do this with some of our Meyer lemons this fall, but only a couple of trays full that I put into a freezer bag, afterwards. But I would have loved to have saved even more of them!
    I love glass jars too...

  11. Great idea to use glass jars in your cushion and I love the frozen lemon ice cubes idea.

  12. Meant to write in your ' kitchen' not cushion (am cushion obsessed lol).


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