Saturday, December 01, 2012

Art For Sale and Other Things...

I'm finally doing it! I have a new blog where I'm selling some of my art. Right now I just have a few Winter Girls listed but hope to have more in the future.

You can go here to see them.


I've also been working on some other things...

 I finished two of the ornaments I was working on.

And I started re-doing these...

I made these Three Wise Men back in the late 60's or early 70's. I went to a ceramics class for about a year. These Wise Men are about the only thing I have left from that class. They were done in a dark blue/gray and years later I added the gold (rather badly, I might say!)

I want to do them in cream with an antique wash and slight gold highlights. The base will also be gold. I just have the first coat of cream on them now but plan to work on them later today.  

A couple of days ago I put this little tree in my studio...

It's small and white even though it looks pink here. I only have a few ornaments on it right now. I want to make some small ones to add later.

Plus HB put up our big tree in the living room a few days ago. I still don't have it decorated! I go in there and add one or two ornaments and walk away. He, on the other hand, has decorated the arch between our living room and dining room...

and also decorated the big arched window in the dining room. That center piece in the archway is actually a fireplace screen that my daughter gave us several years ago. We decided to use it on the arch/shelf this year. If you click on the picture you can see it's snowmen. 

And speaking of snowmen, I'm still working on those ones I showed you last week. I hope to get them finished soon. And that's about it from here! I hope you're having a creative, fun day.


  1. Your Muse is back! YeeHaw!!!!!

  2. Good luck with your new shop, I hope you'll sell well.

  3. Oh my I love love love those ornaments with the hearts on them!! So beautiful!! Well done, so creative!! So exciting you selling some of your art!!!

    Can't wait to see the wise men finished! I decorate my tree the same way you The trees are up...I still have a few things to complete but have been stalling... haha

    Looks very creative around here hooray!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Excellent! Good luck with the shop Janet! And the three wise men are really cool!

  5. Hi Janet...apologizing again for not getting around sooner. I have been obsessed with reading lately. You have really been busy...yes, good luck with the shop. I like your idea about freezing the lemon juice from the post below.
    I look forward to seeing a photo of your big Christimas tree.

  6. Lovely archway between your living room and dining room...I love seeing the architectural details in others' houses. And I think it's always fun to have a nice nod to the holidays in our art-making spaces. Good luck with your online sales web site!! Your work is lovely. Your ornaments are so pretty, and I'm very interested in your Wise Man project. I look forward to seeing where you head with these.

  7. Yeaaaaa Janet! I tried to post that on your sell blog but it wouldnt let me. So I came back here. Good luck with it. Your art is so adorable.

  8. Love the ornaments! And all the Christmas decor. I've been making ornaments too, though for sale - not really decorating much around here, this year (again), since I'm going up for the grandbaby's birth and didn't want K to have to hassle with keeping the cats out of the tree while I'm away. Sort of the reverse of 'while the cat's away, the mice will play,' lol.

  9. p.s. Good luck with your new shop! So glad you're finally going for it. Love those Winter Girls, of yours'.

  10. You are so blessed to have HB to help you, house is looking very festive. I remember those wise men, and I think they will be very pretty with the new look.One of my favorite things is the ornament that says JOY, love that. Hope your girls sell out and you have people asking for more.


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