Tuesday, December 04, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

It's definitely the holiday season! I'm up to my eyeballs in projects and my work table is buried. But that's a good thing considering how much of this past year I've spent in an art slump.

I worked more on my Three Wise Men...

And here they are...finished...I think!

I used gold leaf paint which is hard to see in a photo. I think they look fresh and clean. I may add some other accents but can't think of how to do it. They seem to need a punch of something. At this moment they're done. I need to find some pretty candles for them now. I used to buy gold teardrop candles but haven't been able to find them for several years.

The big tree in the living room is finally decorated. It took several days and some help from HB but here it is...

I love this tree! It's one of those tall, skinny trees and it works great in our small living room. We have very high ceilings in there...this tree is 9' tall and with the angel it's probably close to 10'. I always use only red or gold ornaments on this tree. Next year I think I might try just all gold and see how I like that.

We have a smaller 6.5' tree we put up in the family room but this year we only used 2/3 of the tree! We left off the whole bottom part of it and just made a table-sized tree. I think it looks cute...

 Most of our decorations are up and we can just enjoy them. My son arrives on the 14th so we're almost ready for him. I still have to do last minute things in the guest room. And, of course, bake some cookies!

If you're interested I put some pics of Harley and LuLu over on my photo blog. Now I'm off to work on more projects.


  1. Love all the decor! I think the Three Wisemen turned out great.
    How wonderful your son will be visiting for Christmas, Janet. Wishing you and yours' a Merry Christmas. Happy holidays! Hugs

  2. Looks like you are ready. I think I made a similar set of wise men -- way back when! Enjoy your baking. I have a table top tree and really enjoy it. Your fur babies are precious.

  3. Your Reyes magos are beautiful!!!!! Janet.
    The termination that giving gold leaf, is spectacular, is not well appreciated in the picture ... but I've seen the finish that gives this paint.
    Your Christmas trees are beautiful.
    And I love that corner with double window that you have in your house.
    Happy holidays and hugs!!!!

  4. Your trees are beautiful... We have the same thing.. a thinner tall tree in the living room with pretty ornaments that I've had for years. A small one with whimsical fun colorful kid like ornaments in the family room...the kids love that one they have starbucks mini ornaments, a&w ornaments, teddy bears, cartoon characters..it's fun!!

    Your wise men look very wise..nice revamp! I have always painted everything to change it up over the years! Saves me ever getting bored...and spices things up! Good for you!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. I love those wise men, and what a good idea with the tree, did it still
    fit in the stand

  6. I love those wise men, and what a good idea with the tree, did it still
    fit in the stand

  7. Well sweet friend, the wise men are beautiful, and so is your decorations...you do this so well. I hung the garland on the staircase this evening. I did white and gold flowers this year on the garland. I am not feeling very HO HO yet, but I am working on it. I am so glad your son will be home for Christmas. Love you girlfriend, Mary

  8. Huge and fabulous improvement on the three wise men. Kudos!

  9. The wise men turned out beautiful! Made by a wise woman of course. :) I like your decorations as well,love your trees.

  10. Janet,

    I love how the wise men turned out. All the decorating is beautiful. I have not done a thing yet. NOt sure what I will do. Still not in a christmas mood. Oh well its fun seeing your stuff.

  11. They look so different! I love them like this! I think you did a fabulous job! Also - so smart to take off the lower tier of the tree. I would have never thought of that. My son will be here for Christmas too (and btw - 14th is his birthday) so I'm super happy :-) LOVE your trees!

  12. I love what you did with your wise men -- and skinny trees are among my favorites! Very nice! All festive and that makes me smile!


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