Wednesday, December 05, 2012

More Christmas Decorating...

Since I have nothing that I can share with you yet (too many gifts in the making!) I thought I'd just show you a bit more of what we've done around the house...

Here's a shot of the tree in the daytime...
and my little reindeer on the table.

Ever since we moved into this house I have hated the chandelier in the dining room!
But at Christmastime I like hanging ornaments from it.

The china cabinet gets a few ornaments in bowls and three Santa heads...

A close-up of one side...

and the other. 

I like these Santa heads. They're actually supposed to be ornaments but they're so big and so heavy that I don't use them on a tree.

Okay, that's some of what we've done with the house this year. There may be more decorating done as the days go on. I have a lot more stuff to pull out of the boxes.


  1. Very cozy! I am always surprised at our similarities!! Until this year I always strung sets of purple beads just like your gold ones on my tree as well as purple snow flakes! I got new lights this year because the others were burnt outl The new lights take up so much of the tree I put less ornaments on this year!Purple beads and snowflakes are tucked away!!
    Thanks for sharing I love seeing these photos of how you live!! I also put balls in dishes....again purple is my

    Hugs Giggles
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love reindeer! :D :D

  3. Beautiful the Christmas additions. :)

  4. oh nice house. i love little sneak peeks into someones life, must be a voyeur in me, also like the decorations

  5. oh nice house. i love little sneak peeks into someones life, must be a voyeur in me, also like the decorations

  6. LOVE it! It looks beautiful.
    I hang things on my dining room chandiler also. Sometimes bulbs, sometimes I drape long gold beads around, once I put greenery there with pine cones tucked in. You have done a beautiful job decking your halls...

  7. I'm with Lee on this looking into peoples homes! more of yours please!

  8. Your home looks very festive Janet, you've done a super job.
    I love the buffet with the Santa heads too.

  9. Your place always looks so "homey" like I could curl up with a good book and be happy. So....can I come over now? :)

  10. Janet...I love how the wise men turned out! I love how your home looks...all festive and warm. It could be a page in any decorating magazine. My compliments to you and HB both...stunning job!!!

  11. Everything looks perfect...I hope to catch up in the nex couple of days. Love ya girlfriend, Mary

  12. How lovely to see more of your home Janet. You have beautiful taste and your Christmas trees are lovely. Enjoyed seeing the transformation of your three kings in the posts below too. They look stunning!

  13. Everything looks so pretty! Warm, cozy, inviting...

  14. I think there is nothing prettier than a chandelier with ornaments -- all colorful and cheery! You may not have been at the table but I can tell that your creativity is going full steam ahead!


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