Monday, January 14, 2013

Cold and Colorful...

Brrr! This morning it was 18ยบ on the patio when we got up. It's been very cold here at night for the past few days. That means staying inside and playing in the studio.

I did this quickie painting on the back of a Ritz cracker box.
I liked the box sides because they are almost square.

 I just splopped on some paint and began looking for her face.

 Then I quickly drew her with a Stabilo water soluble pencil.
I added a bit of colored pencil/Goo Gone and called it done.
Nothing fancy...just playing around.

 I've also been doing some doodles on my journal cards.

The one right above was all done from scratch but the one on the right in the upper photo was an older drawing that I just finished off with some color. These are fun to do. I saw this drawing technique somewhere quite a while ago but don't remember where. I like the way it looks and have done several of these stacking boxes drawings.

Now I'm off to the studio to play some more. It's always warmer in there than almost any other room in the house so I enjoy doing art when it's cold outside. At night the fireplace has been getting a real workout. My son builds us a fire almost every evening. It's so enjoyable to sit and watch TV with a cozy fire to keep us warm. Is it cold where you are??


  1. We haven't gotten quite that low, Janet, but I've got the plants covered. Sometime today I'm going to go out and check under the covers and see how they are doing.

    I like the tower pictures. My impression is stylized books.

  2. what colorful beauties! i love them all!

  3. Love the ritz cardboard box face, so fun and your doodles are fab. We traded weather on the coasts we were 60 here in New England today.....xox

  4. Ha it's been cold here too! Minus seven Celsius, and now it's 1 so we have snow...who knew!!

    Love the stacked boxed may try my hand at my own version.

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Love your doodles, they look fab.
    Your girl looks great too, I like the clean lines and forms. Not fussy, just stright forward and honest. In fact I like it alot!

  6. I wish ... to your Q about how cold is it . . . well last night we had 30C overnight and so we had the aircon going all night! it was just so hot and humid! yuk!

  7. It is very cold here. They closed school today. Right now it's 1 out expect it o be -9 tonight. It was -24 on th weekend. Brrr. I love the card drawings, they are pretty cool.

  8. i love the girl, the angles all so great and the doodles, i dont call those doodles, my friend in ariz said that her water was frozen when they arrived there yesterday

  9. You really know how to play, Janet! You are SO productive. I LOVE the stacked boxes doodle...what a great effect!

  10. Hip, hip... hooray!!
    Love your artwork, so colorful and inspiring. :]

    It has been usually cold for us too, down south.
    Brrr... high of 49 / low 32.

    Stay warm and keep arting! ~xx

  11. There's something to be said for staying in, keeping warm & making art.
    These doodles are fascinating - remind me of the wobbly towers my boys used to make when they were little :-)

  12. Burr is right, we are so very cold here. Our high yesterday was 18 and we have been -1, so it is winter for sure. Stay warm sweet friend, love what you have shared today. You make magic in that studio. Hugs, mary

  13. Oh, those stacking bits are lots of fun. Almost look airbrushed!

  14. Those doodles are so cool!! LOVE how they are linked with the black -
    How smart and green of you to reuse a cracker box for painting!

  15. You are the coolest! How amazing are those colorful stacks! Always something different on your blog... Oh - the Ritz lady is interesting too!


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