Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Seeds and Pods and Leaves...

Thanks for all your comments about the Late Bloomer article yesterday. I hope you continue to check out Teresa's blog and learn about other artists who get started late in life.
I've decided to save my 30 day project pictures and my journal card pictures for one post each week. In the meantime I finished another seed/leaf/pod picture...

This piece is a combination of colored pencil and markers. I used the Goo Gone technique (that I linked to yesterday) on the blue parts of the pods, and markers on the seed sections. I really like the way I can blend the colored pencils using that technique. It almost comes out like I've used markers.

For some reason I seem to be drawn (bad pun!) to these pod-leaf shapes right now so I'm just going to see where it takes me. So far I'm having fun with them. I think they might become cards and prints very soon.


  1. Hi Janet,

    Here I am catching up with blogs after a self-imposed break from the blogging world.

    I LOVE all your seed pod/leaf art!! Quite striking!

    Have a lovely weekend! xx

  2. They are really striking, and how nice with that soft shadow. Ever thought of incorporate them in a mandala?

  3. as you know I love all your art work, but leaves and pods are my favourite things, I love them

  4. Hi Janet, I have not visited for a while . . . but got reminded of your wonderful art when reading your interview on Teresa's "I'm A Late Bloomer" blog. I love your bright and cheerful colors and your art is just so much fun.
    I notice a post under, you might also like, titled Playing Cards...Or Not. I'll be going there next. I have been having fun with the Queen Of Hearts she has become my valentine muse.
    Have a marvelous day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. Nice pods, I will have to check out the technique you spoke of. It does look just like marker. xox

  6. Janet - Your pod work is gorgeous - visually striking and memorable!!

  7. These are so pretty, always you find color that pulls me in.
    We have a fire going in the will be about 2 tonight.
    I am so happy you watch Downton is my favorite thing on TV. I like Bates so much. I just know he will be back at Downton soon. I think there are loads of people watching it this new season. I hadn't shared my watching of this show until now because somehow I didn't think anyone would even know what I was talking about...Wrong!!!!
    Big Hugs girlfriend, see you at the Abbey!

  8. Ooh I'm catching up. I saw Teresa had posted another late bloomer was out but hadn't checked it out yet. I will definitely do it now! And your pods are gorgeous as always!


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