Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wanna Trade??

Not much has been happening in the studio the past few days. To tell you the truth I haven't even worked on my 30 day project for a couple of days! I'll catch up though and let you see what my progress is.

Mostly I've been in the mood to piddle (my grandma used to say that) ...just mess with little stuff. Today I made some ATCs cutting the backs of greeting cards for the substrate.

This is what my work table looks like right now!

I couldn't seem to get any good photos so I scanned them and even then they don't look too good...

 ATC - life is good

 ATC - have courage

 ATC - sanctuary

 ATC - solitude

ATC - tranquility

They all seem washed out in the pics.
They actually look better in real life.
If anyone wants to trade for one of these just let me know.
Otherwise they will sit in a box on the shelf.


  1. Like your typeface, are your printing those words out. Too many irons in the fire in my house but I will keep a future trade in mind. I think they look lovely. xox

  2. they all look good to me - I'll have to remember these inspiring words!

  3. What beautiful ATC's you've made. I especially like Tranquility and Life is good. If they are still free to trade and if you want to trade abroad I would love to make you two in return.

  4. Your Atc's look fun. I haven't made any of those in a long time.

  5. Love seeing your art table! They are lovely. And looking down at your book marks -- those are fun, too. I need to get my bookmark groove going to make some for my book club.


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