Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Finished 29 Faces!!

I actually finished this challenge on time! Granted, some of my faces are only sketches that need to be finished but I came up with 29 faces and I'm happy with that.

Here are the final ones...

Face #27
This was another page in the cat book
It had the little cat in a dress and I painted over it.
I think it makes a great hat!

Face #28
I hope you can see her.
I just sketched her out in pencil 
and will add paint later on.

Face #29
Another pencil sketch...
she needs more work...
 especially on her eyes.

Whew! Now I think I'll stay away from challenges for a bit...I need to work on the ideas I got from this challenge and finish some of the faces I have sketched out. I'll share these as I do more to them. I like doing faces!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Back to the 29 Faces Challenge...

I've been working on the 29 Faces...I only have three more to do and I think I can knock those out tonight. A few of the ones I've done have just been quick little sketches and others have been larger, completed pieces of art which takes more time.

Here are the ones I've finished so far...

Faces #19 and #20
Quickie sketches

Face #21 Miss Kitty
I'll still add some color to her dress later.

Face #22
She isn't finished...I plan to paint her.

Faces #23 - #24 - #25  Triplets

Face #26
Just a quick colored pencil drawing
And I forgot to put the white dot in her eyes!

So that's what I have up 'til now. I'm working on one other one right now so I'll try to get two more done before the end of tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Monday, February 25, 2013

We Now Resume Normal Life...

What a night! George dumped me and then had the nerve to walk the red carpet with Stacy Keibler!! But who could stay mad at him...he looks so darn handsome with a beard. I ended up having a lot of fun hanging out with a group of women and we gossiped about all the dresses and hair styles.


And now back to normal, every day life!
I finished one of the faces I showed earlier...

Her Cat Went Everywhere With Her

I guess you could say this is my version of The Cat in the Hat!

This piece is done in my altered art journal. The cat shape was printed on the page and when I gessoed the page I didn't gesso over the cat. One day as I was flipping through the book I just "saw" the cat sitting on top of someone's head and this is what I came up with. I painted over the cat and tucked it inside the woman's head wrap. I'm happy with how she turned out.

I almost have all 29 faces sketched out so I'll show them all to you in a few days. This one is #18 and she is finished. Some of the others are just sketches that I might eventually turn into paintings. I think I'll make prints of this one.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another Year at The Oscars...

If you're new to my blog you might think I'm crazy but if you've visited here for a few years then you know what's happening...the Oscars! That's's time for my big night out on the town. And remember, this is all taking place in my fantasy world.

As always I began by shopping for a dress. I found several that I liked and then had to make a choice.

The little number above is by Oscar de la Renta 
and is $11,390.00 so I had to pass on it. Too much moo-la!
But I think it's beautiful.

Donna Karan at $299.00 is better on my wallet but just not quite right.
Too much like a Greek goddess.
And it looks like $299!

I thought about going with some David Meister at $2175.00

In the end I went with a simple black dress
by Donna Karan at $3295.00 
It's been chilly lately 
and those long sleeves might feel good.

I chose a strappy little shoe that will probably kill my feet 
but what the's only one night.

They're by Stuart Weitzman at $585.00

Since my dress is fairly plain
I thought I'd be a little crazy when it came to my purse...

This a Russian Egg crystal clutch by Judith Leiber at $4795.00!!

I'll be wearing these diamond hoop earrings...

by KC Designs at $2165.00

I had a hard time deciding how to have my hair done this year.

This is classic and elegant but not quite me.
Too tame!

This is more like it! Short and sassy
but still elegant enough for a big night out.
(Plus I like this face 
and might have to draw her!)

Now for the important part of the whole evening...who will my date be this year?? I had calls from several handsome guys...

but finally decided to go with George Clooney. I admire his humanitarian work, I hear he has a great sense of humor...and oh, yeah, he's not bad to look at either!

I think we'll make a gorgeous couple. Of course we'll be hounded by the paparazzi and I'm sure there will be lots of photos in all the newspapers Monday morning. Be sure to look for me. I'll send air kisses to all of you as we walk down the red carpet!

Later we'll be seen at all the right parties where we'll eat some incredible food and drink lots of champagne...I can't wait to see what Wolfgang Puck serves this year. And I'm sure we'll dance the night away. I hope my feet hold up in those shoes...if not I'll just take off the shoes and go barefoot! That should guarantee a few photos in the news. After we've made the rounds George will whisk me away in his limousine...and I'll leave it there as I don't want everyone to share in our most private moments!! You will excuse me tomorrow if I don't post anything until late in the day...I'm sure I'll be sleeping in after all the festivities.

If you would like to read about some of my past Oscar adventures you can see them hereherehere, and here. Now I'm off to spend the day being pampered and getting ready for tonight. See you there!!

image from Google Images

Art will resume after today...please stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm Behind Again...

Once again I'm behind on the 29 Faces Challenge...I sound like a broken record, don't I??! Never fear, I'll get caught up. For now I only have two very basic sketches to show you and I'm only showing part of each one.

Face #17
There's more to her but I don't want to show that yet. I will paint this face and then show the entire piece.

Face #18
The same goes for this one, too...much more to show but later. Both of these faces are sketched in the old cat book that I'm using as my art journal. There's only a light layer of gesso on each page so some of the pictures are still showing through. That may or may not change as I continue on with these two faces.

I seem to get too involved in sketching a face and then I want to paint it and make an entire piece but if I'm going to finish 29 faces this month I need to stick with quick sketches that I can finish at a later time. The book I'm working in is fairly large so it takes some time to do an entire page with a face.

I'm off to get a hair cut today. It's been cold and windy and all the surrounding mountains have snow on them. It looks beautiful...and that's where I like to keep snow...far away from where I am!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Goodie and Some Crap!

With this 29 Faces Challenge I seem to do one fairly good face and then the next one is pure grade A crap! That's exactly what happened here...

I did this face with colored pencils and GooGone. 
I like how she turned out...

Face #15

Then I did this...
Face #16

which is the grade A crap I mentioned!
Her nose is terrible
and her eyebrows don't match.
Everything about her is wrong!!!
She looks tough and angry.
Not my best work!!

I hope the one I'm working on for today is much better...and I hope you're having a great weekend. Our weather is beautiful...I have the sliding door open onto the back patio.  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Fun Day of Thrifting...

Don't worry...I haven't forgotten about 29 Faces. I'll post those tomorrow but today I wanted to share with you the goodies I got when my son and I went thrift shopping.

The very first thrift shop we went to had quite a bit of artsy stuff which surprised me. Usually I don't find that around here.

I got a small roll of decorative tape, some unopened coffee cup themed tissue paper, an unopened pad of scrapbook paper and an unopened package of craft board.

The next shop we stopped at didn't have anything so on we went. The third one was a score for me, too.

I found all these canvases...they all have something painted on them but a little gesso and they will be good as new. I also found some books at this shop...

This will make a great art journal. I love the 12" x 12" size of it and the pages are sewn in...score!

These two books have lots of pictures of birds that will come in handy. Some are in color, some in B&W, some actual photos and some are illustrations. I know I'll get a lot of use from these.

And finally I found this cookie sheet/pan that will be good to use when I make a gelatin plate for printing. It's nice and flat, has a good rim, and it's a nice size. All in all I was happy with the days haul.

My son found all kinds of work clothes to take back home with him. He does rough work so he goes through work clothes very fast. We ended by having a nice lunch at a friend's cafe. It was a fun day!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Face #14...and Some Snail Mail Goodies

It feels good to be caught up with the faces. I'm always a day behind in posting but that's okay. Here is the face I did last night...

I saw a photograph online of a girl with hair like this and I knew I had to draw it. I did some fast chalk pastel on her but she needs more help. I think I might like to do a larger version of this...she's only about 4" x 4"...if I do I'll paint her rather than use the pastels. She's a bit orange!!

I've also been getting some great things in the mail.

Laila and I did an ATC swap and these are the cards she sent.
I love them...thanks, Laila!

Andria and I traded bookmarks and she also sent
this great stitched heart.
Beautiful...thanks, Andria!

And this is a gorgeous postcard I received from 
Karen ...I wish you could see this in person.
There's so much texture on this card.
It's great...thanks, Karen!!

That's all for now. It's a beautiful sunny day with highs expected in the upper 60's so I think my son and I are getting out to do some thrift store shopping. I like looking for things I can use in the studio. We both like rummaging through old stuff looking for "treasures"...I'll show you if I find anything good.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Catching Up on 29 Faces...and More Postcards

I'm caught up but they're all small faces and not very good. I sat and drew out these faces while watching TV last night.

Here they are...

They're all just quickie sketches.

Also I made more postcards using
Jane Davies technique...

This is the painted paper before I cut it.

And there were four ATCs too... 

I also did a few ATCs for Valentine's Day
but didn't get them sent out!

Sorry about the dark picture.
When I tried to lighten it
everything faded out so I just left it dark.
If you want any of these ATCs just let me know.
I like making them but they begin to pile up.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Face #9...Still Behind!

A quickie face...done with marker and paint pen.

(the little marks on her face are actually from my scanner bed)

 You might be seeing a few more of these quickie faces until I can catch up!
Later I may develop her into an actual painting
or use her in some other way.

Busy day ahead...lots to do.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Finished #8...I'm behind!

This week I'm going to have to step it up to catch up with the 29 Faces Challenge. It usually takes me more than one day to finish a face and this weekend I was busy so didn't get anything new sketched out. I did finish face #8...

Since she is side by side with face #7 
I decided to give her some paint smears, too.

I like how they look together.
Lee had some links to interesting tutorials on her blog yesterday and one of them was something I tried. It was by Jane Davies and she was doing some postcards. Here are the ones I did...

I've done something similar in the past but I liked how she added squiggly lines. You can see where I did that here...

 If anyone wants to trade just let me know which one you want.  

Okay...I'm off to draw more faces!

I just added some things to the postcards.

and here they are individually...

NOW I'm off to draw faces!