Thursday, February 07, 2013

Face #6 of 29 Faces Challenge

Since Wednesday is my busy shopping day I didn't have much time for art yesterday. I quickly drew out a face using my non-dominant hand...

This is drawn in an old book about cats that I'm using as my art journal. I darkened the pencil lines so you could see them and I will paint her at a later time. I like using my non-dominant hand once in a keeps things interesting.


I worked in that same art journal this morning but on something different...

This is not finished.
In fact since I took the picture a few minutes ago 
I've added small white dots all around
each red dot.

I like having several ongoing pages to work on in my journal. Sometimes I just have a couple of minutes to do something so if I have partially finished pages I can quickly add some new layer or just a few dots...anything to just keep adding to it.


And last but not least, I recently did a trade with Lee
and this is what she sent to me...

I love love love her girls!
Isn't this one fantastic!

and would you believe this is the backside!
I would have been happy to just get this!

If you don't already know Lee you owe it to yourself to check out her blog.
You won't be sorry. She does such fun and quirky faces and so much more.

This is what I sent to her...

I got the better end of this trade!