Saturday, March 02, 2013

Miss Kitty Revised...

Not much to show you today...I worked on Miss Kitty a bit more and here's what she looks like now...

I gave her a dress and a necklace, 
and added some golden highlights to her hair.
I think I'm finished with her now.

I spent a fair amount of time outside today.
It was 75ยบ today!!
We all worked in the yard and enjoyed the sunshine.

Only one more week until my son goes back to Alaska
so I want to spend as much time with him as possible.


  1. 75 degrees, oh I am jealous. Id be so happy with 50. Miss Kitty is cute, love the necklace.


  2. Isn't that just lovely the first days working in the yard? Always gives me such a good feel. Your Miss Kitty got me to think of Grace Jones and a cage. I like how it turned out and the necklace is a good placed statement too.

  3. i quite like miss kitty -- her necklace is tres chic! enjoy your time with your son.

  4. I love how you share her evolution. And at 75 -- well, all I can say is if it was 75 here, we'd be running outside doing a dance and all the frat boys would be sunning themselves on the roofs of their houses!

  5. Its been a long while since I came a visiting your blog here, your art is still as wonderful as they can be and still enjoy your style as always...yes the weather here has been very nice and wonderful down in San the way I have new blog.

    Happy Sunny Sunday to you and your son!

  6. I really like her dress and necklace. And I envy you your weather!


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