Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trying Something New...

Just so you know, after I did that journal spread from the previous post (the gray one) I felt a lot better. I usually don't get depressed or sad so when it happens it's something I notice immediately. I'm back on track again and feel good.
Here's some of the art I've been doing...first off I did two spreads in Andria's journal for the round robin...

and here is the second one...

The one above is similar to this (below) journal card I did for Lee for her birthday...

I signed up for Misty Mawn's Face to Face class. One of the things she does is draw with charcoal. I have never used it very much so these are really rough!

This was my first attempt. I used a big pad of paper on an easel which I'm not used to...drawing from that angle was not comfortable for me.

Here is my second attempt...a little better.
I don't like her mouth and chin but there again
I was drawing from a different angle
than I'm used to.

I have a small tabletop easel I used for drawing. 
I have another big easel but it doesn't fit in the studio!

I don't like the shading on the right side of her face.
I don't have a kneaded eraser right now...
would you believe Michael's, Joann's and Wal-Mart
did not have any kneaded erasers!

I will keep practicing and maybe one of these days I'll get a good charcoal drawing. Until then I'm happy with these beginning sketches.