Thursday, May 09, 2013

Paintings, Drawings, and Collaborations

On this past Monday I took some of my leveraged art over to the salon and HB hung it up for me. It looks good. What do you think?...

I left the two larger paintings in the middle as an anchor and the six smaller ones at the bottom. I still have more that I can add at a later time.


I also finished the third Pixie Girl that I teased you with last week. She took a lot longer to finish than I planned but here she is...

I'm happy with most of her but I don't like the left side where everything is hanging down. It all sort of gets lost when it's jumbled up together like it is. And I don't like the braided thing that follows the line of her neck...other than that I'm happy.

I've already started another drawing and this time I'm doing two faces together. 


In other news, I'm collaborating with a couple of my artist friends on some exciting projects. Stay tuned for more on that.


  1. The new display with your leveraged art looks fantastic. People will love it. I love your Pixie girl too and honestly don't see anything wrong with her, she's gorgeous!

  2. Your display in the salon is PERFECT!! The big mistake people make with hanging picture is putting them too high or low...these are aesthetically pleasing together!! Make sure to tell us when you paintings sell.... I'd probably want to buy the two big ones...they are a couple of favorites for me!!

    And your pixy girl is amazing love all the detail...I especially love the hanging down hearts and braids together!! Good job!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Your Pixi is great, and that display must bring a smile to everyones face.
    I know the feeling of not liking a detail on my work too, but it's part of learning.

  4. Janet your art looks wonderful hung up in the salon and am sure you will quickly sell them.

    Loving your latest sketch, such amazing detail. Hugs Annette x

  5. Amazing! I am wild about those leaves in the middle! Very nice organization. I hope they all sell.

    I finally found the perfect mat and frame for the one you sent me back a bit ago and I will be posting it soon on the Gypsy! Thank you again!

  6. LOVE this post!
    Janet...It looks Fab!

  7. Your wall in the salon looks wonderful! Such a cheery plays for eyes to rest on. As for the Pixie girl - I looked at all the places you pointed out and I still like her very much. I completely admire your skill with tangles... Lovely!

  8. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I love those two pics in the middle - beautiful colours.

  9. Hi Janet...we've been without internet earlier in the week. I got behind. I like the way you hung your art...they do look good! I like your pixie girls...I think she looks very balanced. Have a good Mother's Day!

  10. The display looks great! I hope you sell them all and quickly so you can paint some more...xox

  11. Love the "zentangle-ish" hair. Very great way to use the small printouts of your girls.

  12. This is SO fabulous! A VERY BIG congratulations on such an accomplishment! xoxo

  13. The display of your work looks great, Janet! And your drawing is QUITE amazing.

  14. Having so much of your art hung all in one place has a lot of impact.

  15. Thank you to everyone who commented on this post. As you can probably guess, I'm really behind in replying to comments and emails! I promise to catch up and come 'round for a visit with you soon.

  16. Hi Janet, just getting around to checking in on your art. Looks like you've been busy. ALl of it is awesome. One question, what does it mean when you say you are "leverageing" your art? I don't want to miss anything so when you get a moment would love to hear. Glad to see your beuatiful paintings.

    1. Leveraging just means I'm using some of my older art to create new art.


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