Thursday, August 15, 2013

Getting Back to Basics...

Hi everyone! Once again I've fallen down on blogging. But this time I have an excuse. I've been having some dental work done. I think it's mostly finished for now. So hopefully, as much as I like my dentist, I won't have to see him for a few months!
I've also been trying to get some simple pages done in preparation for my class. This is what my studio looks like today...and I have painting group this afternoon at Legacy Commons. (I found out they don't like us to call it the senior center! They want us to say Legacy Commons.)

I've been cutting images from magazines so whoever comes to class will have some things to start off with, and I can get carried away when I do that! I love clipping things from magazines. I don't just look for images but also for textures and backgrounds. This mess above is from the most recent clipping frenzy. I have tons more in drawers.

I did these simple journal pages, too...

I used a magazine clipping and a small tape transfer on the spread above.
And I cut the right edge in a scalloped way. 

This one is made entirely from magazine pieces 
except for the black stripes along the edges.

I have several other spreads and pages in the works but they aren't finished yet. I'm trying to go back to the basics and make simple pages using simple supplies. I have to keep in mind that everyone doesn't have a ton of art supplies! But then I've been doing this for quite some time.

Okay, now I have to get my things packed up for the painting group. Two hours (more likely three!) this afternoon and then the same again tomorrow morning. I might not have much blogging time until the weekend but I promise to get by to visit ASAP!! 


  1. These are really pretty! I'd love to be taking this class!

    I know what you mean about the dentist. I'm STILL recovering from last week's wisdom teeth removal. I canceled my regular dentist -- said I couldn't bear to have anyone in my mouth for a good month or two!

  2. have fun, you will do great, wish I was there taking the those pages

  3. You are going to have so much fun with this class! They are lucky to have you. I visited the dentist today ... cleaning time!

  4. Have fun in your painting group! I love the journal spreads, and they make me want to open my journal too.

  5. Hi Janet...Yes, you will have fun and the Legacy Commons folks are going to love the class :)

  6. Sorry about the dental work. Have fun with your painting group! And I love that you think of your class and that they may not have as many supplies as you. I often find having limited supplies increases creativity anyway!

  7. This all looks so fun Janet...good luck with your class!!

  8. Looks like it will be a ton of fun for your students!

  9. Looks like your students will have a blast....I think you will really enjoy teaching, you seem to be prepping like an old pro! xox

  10. Love your pages, Janet!! :]
    YES!! preparing ahead of time, allows the students to dive right in...

  11. work! I've dealt with that myself in the past, and can feel your pain! I hope it's over with for awhile. I've been out of touch, and don't know about this class...I will read backwards to find out! Looks like you are demonstrating some good art journaling techniques with these spreads!

  12. All sounds good..

    Hugs Giggles


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