Sunday, August 25, 2013

Going Back to Basics Again...

I've been trying to do some very basic journal pages for my class. Here is an unfinished spread...

(pics are all clickable to view larger)
The colors are a bit off in the picture due to the light in my studio today. Both silhouettes are teal and the hearts are purple.

 This spread is all about tulips.

I used a hand-made stamp on the left side, 
some left-over paint that was scraped onto the pages
and cut-outs from magazines.

This page has magazine cut-outs, 
and another hand-carved stamp along the right side.
The bunch of tulips in the lower right is a tape transfer.
I'm working in an old decorating book that I've turned into a journal.

I was in the mood to carve stamps today and these are the ones I did...

I just used small white erasers...5 for $1.00 at the Dollar Store. I like making stamps in basic shapes that I can use as backgrounds or along the edges of pages. Each stamp has an image on both sides. That's why only only five stamps are shown on the right but there are nine stamped images on the left.


On another note, I finally got a photo of me and HB at the fashion show. It isn't all that good of me but he looks handsome...

I had to capture the photo from a video so I can't enhance it or crop the edges. 


  1. Janet - You and your DH look great together!!
    LOVE your carved stamps - the idea to carve on each side is brilliant!!

  2. janet I like the stamps too... what a good idea to make them on both sides of the eraser!!!

    You and your dh look stunning there together!! ow what a lovely couple!

  3. oops that should say WOW, not ow!

  4. What a great photo of the two of you! Your stamps are so inspiring, I finally got what I need to make them myself so in a while I might try. Right now I'm deep into mandalas.

  5. Awesome pages Janet and wow you guys look fabulous all decked out!! Very hot middle age couple! I love your stamps it's something I've always wanted to do....and haven't yet!!

    Great work, lots here today thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. What a good looking couple! Fun journal pages and love the stamps.

  7. You both look awesome. Love the purple and chartreuse(that's what shows on my screen. Nice pages. Really like those carved stamps too.

  8. He looks VERY handsome and you, my dear, aren't so shabby yourself! You look pretty darned glam!

    Love the stamps and also what you are doing with the pages and your class. Wish I was there to take it!

  9. NICE both look nice!
    I like Nostalgia. I recently did a collage with this theme...Like minds think alike!

  10. Wow Janet, fabulous stamps......and your pages, especially the top one with it's border I really love. Cute couple, just some youngsters out on a date eh? xox

  11. Janet, your stamps are excellent. The erasers are a great idea. I would never have thought of it. What a lovely couple you and your husband make! xo

  12. Fun seeing a picture of HB, you make a handsome pair. Love the stamps you carved. The leaf one, I really like. Your pages look great too. Fun seeing some art from you again.

  13. Such a lovely picture of you and HB, he certainly is a handsome fellow and you so compliment each other. Love the pages, I think my favourite is the tulip. Gorgeous stamps as well and so effective.

  14. Mr. Handsome and Mrs. Beautiful. What more could you ask? I'll bet you are getting excited about your class. It won't be long now. xo

  15. Such a lovely photo of the two of you! And love the stamps you carved. The pages for the class are such great starters. It must be so strange going back to basics again.

  16. Great post Janet. I love the idea of altering an old decorating book into a journal, LOVE the stamps you've made, your transfers and journal pages. AND of course it's nice to see you and HB looking so spiffy! <3

  17. HB looks very dashing. You look your usual cuteness.

    love what you did with the eraser stamps. i bought a couple a while ago and never did anything with them, after seeing yours i think i know what i want to do. great simple designs.

  18. You both look fabulous!

    I love your journal spreads - in colors I respond to every time.

    And those stamps. Oh those stamps!!!! I adore them. I so want to buy erasers now. :)

  19. Hi Janet, I have been to long in commenting, you have done some special art while I was not looking. I love that you have made your own stamps...I would mess it up so bad. I love the greens and purples you have used..very pretty. Summer is still hot and my eyes are still bothering me. I went to another specialist, hopeful....Love, Mary


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