Thursday, September 05, 2013

And Even More Journal Pages...

First of all, I must apologize for not responding to comments recently - either here on my blog or in emails. I'm sure you're tired of hearing this but it has been very hot and I just lose my energy when it's like this. Be assured I do read each and every comment and I appreciate them. I promise to do better when the weather cools off. The way it's going that should be sometime around November!
Now on to other things. I got out my old Gut Art book that I made when I took Mystele's very first Gut Art class. There are several pages that I never finished so I've been working on them (to use in my class) in the early mornings and late at night. Here they are...

 The page above had some old sandpaper on it so I thought the hand was perfect.

Sorry the cat page is so dark.
It really isn't in real life.

This page is quite small.
I think I used a postcard for the base of it.

Just a reminder!

And this one still needs some words.

I hope wherever you are that you have cool breezes and sunny days. And I hope you do something fun today. I'm spending the afternoon with the painting group and then going to the library this evening to learn how to download books to my e-reader. I love our library!!


  1. Hope you are having fun this afternoon. I keep resisting the e my pages made of paper....xox

  2. Cool breezes, sunny day and only six more till retirement! Grin!

  3. Never worry about responding to comments Janet, only the odd few do!! I hear ya about the heat...every night is still too hot. Thankfully cupcake bought some cool cloths in Vegas...they are like a shammy scarf you wet and wear around your a wet towel...they stay quite cool.... I love it... you probably have access to them in your neck of the woods too. Great pages!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. I agree with giggles, don't worry about responding. You know I set that up on my blog but then I think people won't go back and look so I only end up responding when people ask a question. There just isn't enough time in the day

    Your pages look wonderful. I am headed to the library today too. Its the annual sale so I am picking up magazines for my own use and the vision board class I am teaching at the end of the month.

    Have a great painting day.


  5. Great variety to your pages, Janet...they should give your students some good ideas!

  6. Yeah, cool breezes and LOTS of rain! Soggy here, then steamy. This will be a good "idea" journal for your class. Good luck Janet. Mostly, have fun! xo

  7. hope it cools down for you soon, love the pages, I did the same thing went to my library they held a class to show us how to upload to our ereaders.

  8. These pages are "terrific!" :]
    Wonderful subjects, colors, and layouts... perfect for wondrous eyes to see.

  9. Great journal pages to take to your class. I like the poster you made in the previous post. I think the class will not be intimidated if they know they can use magazine images, etc.
    It's cooled off here the past few was in the 40's last night....brrrr! after all the hot weather we have been having. Yesterday, I think the high was around 81 degrees.
    Have a fun time with your journal class. I can't wait to hear about it here on your blog.


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