Sunday, September 22, 2013

I Am Truly Amazed...

I must say, it's not half bad turning 70! I have been completely overwhelmed by gifts, cards, emails and phone calls from everyone. I feel like a queen!

As promised I have another gift to share with you, and as it turns out I now have two beautiful gifts to share. Last week I received a package all the way from Norway!! Laila sent me a birthday gift. Actually she sent me two gifts! This is the first one...

A gorgeous, hand-knit, soft-as-a-cloud, perfect color gray shawl!

It's just the right color for me since I wear a lot of gray and black.
I love color but seem to keep my clothing more neutral.

Just look at the delicate design in this.
Isn't it beautiful?
And aren't I a lucky gal??

As if the shawl wasn't enough, Laila also included one of her mandalas.

All done by hand on hand-made paper!
I wish you could see both of these gifts in person
because they are truly amazing.

Thank you, Laila!!
I love it all.
Then on my birthday another package arrived. 
This time it was from Zorana

Just look at this beautiful PURPLE gift!!

If you go to Zorana's blog she has a video
showing how she created this bird.
It's so perfect. I love it.

And just look at that PURPLE moleskine journal
and the PURPLE pens, pencil, and crayon.
Does she know me or what?!!

And it was all wrapped up in this PURPLE paper!
Thank you, Zorana! 

Laila and Zorana, you make me feel like such a special person because of these lovely gifts. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your kindness and generosity. All in all this has been a memorable birthday. Thank you to Gail, too for the beautiful wall hanging I shared earlier...and to everyone who sent me wishes and cards. I'll remember this birthday for a looooong time.


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos Janet. It seems the shawl fit you in a great way, I was a bit uncertain whether it would be a bit too small. I'm glad you like it and I'm glad I chose the light grey color for you.

    I really hope you had a wonderful day yesterday, and that purple gift is really good looking too. Yes, you are a lucky gal. And you deserve it!

  2. The shawl is just lovely.It looks awesome on you too. I had just watched the purple bird video yesterday so what fun it was to pop in here and see it now belongs to you. Zorana was such a sweetheart to send that too you. And the purple moleskine and pens, how perfect is that.


  3. Hi Janet, I hope you have had a wonderful birthday. It's so nice that you have received these beautiful gifts from other blog friends. I think they appreciate what a wonderful person and friend you are.

  4. Oh, my! The detail of the lace is exquisite. And how special to have such lovely pieces made just for you. I am a sucker for birds! Happiest day -- let the merriment continue!

  5. Wow Janet gorgeous gifts! Well deserved! Love the gorgeous mandala and wow love the purple items Zorana sent wow you are truly blessed with beautiful items...So happy your day turned out so special...oh and you look absolutely amazing for 70!!It's shocking how good you look...very well preserved you are a doll! Enjoy the week!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Happy 70th Janet!! You look fantastic! Your gifts are so special. The shawl is stunning.

  7. Lovely gifts from people who know what you like! I have to say, you look darned good for a 50 year old! Yes you do!

  8. Fantastic gifts and you look great in that shawl. xox

  9. Belated happy birthday Janet! You deserve to be spoilt on your 70th birthday! Such lovely gifts. Love the purple package from Zorna (she is so talented and thoughtful) . And the gifts from your other friend are stunning. You look gorgeous in your shawl xxxx

  10. These gift are so lovely, Janet! You have very talented friends, to be sure. The detail on that shawl is gorgeous, and you look great in it!


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