Monday, September 02, 2013

I'm a Lucky Gal...

Over the years that I've been blogging I've been lucky enough to have received so many wonderful pieces of art from all my artsy blog friends. And I treasure each piece. Now I have a new piece to add to my collection and it's a beauty!

A couple of months ago Lisa had a giveaway. You could choose to have her do something specific if you won or you could leave it up to her to decide. Well, I won the giveaway and I chose to let Lisa make whatever she thought I would like...because really, I like everything she makes!

The package arrived a few days ago and I was ripping it open before I even got in the door with it. And then when I saw the piece I just sat down and stared at it for several minutes. It's absolutely gorgeous!

This photo does not do it justice but I think you can see all the work she put into this piece. It's painted fabric and everywhere I look I see something else I missed the first time. There are beads and little mirrors and all sorts of embellishments...

This wall hanging is about 10.75" x 12" without the fringes. The dragonfly is dimensional as are some of the flowers. I wish you could see it in person.

And this is the card she sent along with it...

I think it's so cute.

Thank you, Lisa!!
I'm going to give this new piece of art a special place in my studio.


  1. okay how lucky are you, you seem to win a lot, I need some of your luck, loving that art piece you won

  2. Lisa sure creates beautiful work, I am lucky to have been in some swaps and I have won supplies on her site too. This piece is so full of texture and love. Yes you are lucky.


  3. I am sooo happy it is finally in your hands after going by Pony Express via the Panama least that's what it seemed like. HA! and I am sooo happy you are happy!
    Here a couple secrets revealed regarding some of the materials I used....the dragonfly is stuffed with cotton balls. The raised centers in 3 of the flowers were made with plastic water bottle caps. The big raised flower was made from egg carton. The "beads" were made with 2 kinds of macaroni painted and coated. Sometimes a common material can be transformed and it was fun to experiment for this piece. ENJOY! Hugs!

  4. You re lucky indeed to have received such a beautifully created piece. Three cheers to Lisa. I bet she knows it will have a wonderful and loving home!

  5. I'm not familiar with Lisa's work, but I just scrolled through some of her blog posts and see that she has a wonderfully colorful, whimsical style...very fun! Congratulations on your goodies!


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