Thursday, January 02, 2014

Out of Practice...

I began a new art journal on the first...actually it's just a mixed media sketch book that I'm using for a journal. Originally I had planned to make myself a nice journal using watercolor paper but that idea fell along the wayside.

Here is my first page...
Sorry it's curling up a bit.

I'm really out of the habit of journaling so this is not very good. I used a photo of our front doors and pics of me and HB above them...

And here are the doors open and "me" inviting in 2014. Sort of hokey and not very well executed but for a quickie at the last minute I guess it will do.

And here's a pic of one of my Christmas presents from Santa...

HB and I got new cell phones...and of course, mine is purple! I'm not much of a phone person but our old cell phones were from The Dark Ages so it was time to upgrade. It's not an iPhone but it does all the things that I need it to do.

Now I'm off to work some more in my journal. I need the practice!!


  1. Very nice and you will be hooked on that phone before you know it!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. THE best phone!
    Keep creating!

  3. Well, I pay my phone as you go and it sort of flips open. So I'd say you are extremely high tech and very snappy in purple! I never carry/use my cell but ended up buying a lot of minutes when my phone was out for 13 days with the power failure. A useful thing to have...

  4. I love the way you welcomed the new year! So cute! Way to embrace the new phone.....I'm hoping you'll join instagram....hint hint

  5. Happy New Year...have fun journaling. xox

  6. Girlie, your "hokey" little art is way too much fun. Very clever what you did. Um...could you please give Santa my address?

  7. Janet...cute journal page :) Your phone looks really We are getting new phones next week. You have been missed out her in blog-ville. have a good weekend!!!

  8. Welcome back to art'll be back in the groove before you know it!


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