Wednesday, February 05, 2014

A New Journal Spread...

Recently Cathy Bluteau offered her lesson from last year's 21 Secrets for only $5 so I took advantage of the bargain. It was a class about collage and doodling which are two of my favorite things.

This is the spread I created...
(sorry about the curl on the right top corner)

Here is the left side...

And the right side...

I enjoyed doing this spread. Most of it is bits and pieces from scrapbook papers, a couple of roses from a magazine, a bit of washi tape, a small copy of one of my paintings (the girl), along with a bit of doodling. I did most of the backgrounds with markers and colored pencils. It doesn't show but all the little centers on the flowers on the blue strip above, as well as the dots on the stylized floral piece above are done with a metallic bronze Sharpie. It just adds a bit of sparkle which I like.

Today was grocery shopping and errands. We just got home and I'm tired so I think a nap is in my future!


  1. what a fun spread! it's great. enjoy your nap!


  2. You are one of the people who get me off my tail and doing things! And look at you! I need to check out those sharpies!

  3. Really nice, girlie. :)

  4. Looks like fun!! And truly a very pretty page:)

  5. Very pretty Janet.. it's so cold around here...definitely nap day!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Hi Janet...this is a beautiful spread! I love Sharpies but I haven't tried out any metallic ones! I'm late getting around...I hope you are enjoying the weekend!

  7. Oh how fun is this, great job and I am loving everything about the pages. xox

  8. Pretty pages, Janet! Great colors, and I love the orderly arrangement, and the way you used some of your other work on your right-side page.

  9. Fun and colorful journal page!


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