Sunday, April 06, 2014

Two Days in a Row!!

I finished another journal spread...

This is the other side of the curved edge page
from my previous post.
You can see a bit of the "bubbles" peeking through
on the left side.

I simply LOVE this quote!
And how true.

This page has a couple of images from magazines
and I extended the vine across both pages of the spread.
I did some zentangle-y drawing on the one piece
and added lines and dots to the other.



  1. Oh no you haven't lost your mojo!! Good for you, I love these pages...and the first is at the top of my list of favorite quotes!! Love how the wording turned out...these are marketable pages!! Frame the prints for the hairdressers!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. I love that you're doing lots of art and also that you are sharing it with us! This is simply delightful!

  3. Beautiful work, Janet! LOVE your lettering -

  4. Nice pages. I love that Oscar Wilde quote. Your lettering is really great. No missing mojo that I can see. Been thinking about you and wondering how everything else is going...

  5. I like your lettering, Janet!

  6. Always, your art intrigues me. It is never the same ol' same ol'. What fun to visit your bloghouse. :)

  7. Simply stunning, Janet. The quote is true and so very beautiful written. I love your spread and that cool cut you did. Love it all. Now I'll have to have a closer look at Dottie.

  8. These are fab pages Janet! I love the curved edge!

  9. Great pages, Janet!!


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