Monday, June 30, 2014

A Gift for a Friend...

Today was a bittersweet day. When HB and I first checked out Legacy Commons, our local senior center, CC was the first person we met. She took us all around and basically told us all about the activities available. From the first moment I met her, I was hooked. She is such a beautiful person, warm and friendly and helpful. And today was her last day on the job. She retired today and the center gave her a big party.

Because I know CC likes bright colors I painted this 12" x 12" piece for her...

And here we are together (she has the painting upside down!)...
Isn't she gorgeous!

and what a surprise...I'm wearing purple!

This is the card I did for her...

There were lots of tears and smiles and laughter today. I'll miss CC but we've promised to stay in touch. When you find a good friend it's good to hold on to them.


  1. SO CREATIVE and I love the colors!

  2. Beautiful gift and card friend looks lovely and so happy!
    Nice to see your artwork again!!

    Hug Giggles

  3. Such a wonderful gift for her and they are both so beautiful as well (card and painting as well as you ladies!).

  4. I'm sure she'll love her painting and you are correct -- hold on to that friend!

  5. what a wonderful gift for her so thoughtful, and so beautiful, I bet she will treasure it forever.

  6. They are beautiful, both your painting and the card to follow it. Good friends is important so it's nice that you'll stay in touch. Nice to see your lovely work again too.

  7. Beautiful work Janet. CC is lovely too, and isn't it lucky that you and she crossed paths?

  8. A lovely farewell post for your friend Janet. I love the gifts you made for her. The picture of your smiling faces tells of your fondness of one another. xo

  9. I know it's sad to see her go after knowing her a short time...yep, good friends are worth hanging onto. I like the art work and the card you made for her...great job! Going to be a quiet 4th here :)

  10. So sweet and it sounds like she was a gem, know you will miss her. xox

  11. Good friends (like you) are hard to find. Nice post Janet. xo


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