Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Drawing My Girl...

Recently I took a little class called "The Land of Light and Shadows" by Danielle Donaldson. One of the projects was to draw creative girls. Hers were so cute and I usually don't do cute but as soon as I started to sketch, my girls all came out with aspects of Danielle's. I'm going to keep going with this until I get something that is more me but I'll share with you what I did so far....
 This was my first one. 
Her dress is too long but otherwise she is cute...just not me.

 She has a shorter dress but I think it's still too long...
and her top is too angular for me.

 More tries but still not me.

 Love her legs but her face shape is wrong 
and I still don't like that angular top.

Now this girl is getting a bit better...
she has "boobs" (like me!) but I'm still not happy with her.
I changed her position on this one but not sure about it. I like her cape, her hair, and her legs but that's about all. I'll keep drawing these girls and sooner or later I'll find "my" girl. So far it's been fun.


  1. Oh, how fun this looks, makes me want to sit down and make my own girls. Janet, you're onto something with the two last ones. They both have something of you in them, keep searching and I know you'll find a super expression on these cuties.

  2. I don't know what Danielle's look like but yours are charming! You will find your own version soon enough, I think. Till then, I'd smile with these!

  3. Hi Janet. It's really great that you stay consistent with your girls. Now you could pile them into a book and write a story.


  4. Hmmm. Interesting. Kind of different than your usual. But I like!

  5. Hi Janet...I've kind of been out of the loop, not doing art, not visiting anyone's blog, etc. I'm back...at least I hope I am. You have been productive...that's wonderful. I like your versions of Danielle's dolls. I'm not familiar with her, I should check her out. I'm going to go down and check out your other posts.


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