Monday, June 16, 2014

Finished and Unfinished...

Today I'm rushing around getting ready for my art journaling class this afternoon but I wanted to share a couple of quick things I've been doing over the weekend.

This is a journal spread that I'm working on...have been for several weeks! I find that I glue down my collage pieces and then it takes me quite some time to do the rest of the work. This is still a WIP. I keep adding things here and there...

Of all places, I recently found some paint pens at Wal-mart!! They're called Painters and cost a bit less than $2 each. Most of the ones in our store were medium point but there were a few fine points. I bought eight of them and so far I like them. I used the pink and red ones on this spread. I'll still buy the Sharpie poster paint pens in black and white ultra-fine but for colors, these Painters work good.

I have found that Teesha Moore and Alisa Burke are the two people who influence me the most. Probably because their styles are closest to mine. Their styles are not the same but somehow they each have things that I like, and they come naturally to me. For a long time I have thought I should develop my own style but after many years of thinking on that I've decided I already have my own style. Even if something looks a lot like what others do, it's still got my spin on it because I am the one who created it. As Marie Antoinette said, "There is nothing new except what has been forgotten." And Anton Chekhov said, "There is nothing new in art except talent." I'm not sure how much talent I have compared to some others but I love what I'm doing so I'll continue.

While looking through one of my journals I found this next page with the background and a very light pencil sketch of the woman so I decided to finish her...

I'm not thrilled with her eyes but I like the rest of it...and at least I finished it! Many times things are in my journal half-finished and they remain that way. I'm trying to remedy that situation.

That's all for now...I'll be back soon with some more. I'm trying to do better with my blogging!


  1. Good to see you working/playing! I think sometimes "well no one has done this" ... HA! Someone is always first. All those ideas are floating out there in the universe waiting for us to find them! oxox

  2. your favourites are also mine, for sure you have your own style, not at all like anybody else, make sure you show us the finished pages, I want to see how you did it. Collage is my worst enemy

  3. Love your figure with wing like appendages....marvelous collages. xox

  4. I'm always glad when people shre their good supply finds! I'm on a supply moratorium for awhile, unless I see something I can't pass up, but I always keep a notebook!

  5. janet - you certainly do have a style of your very own which I like very much. I also am a fan or teesha moores art.

  6. A wise man once said : there's no longer such thing as original invention. It has all been done before, so the main thing is not where one takes it from, but where one takes it to that matters.
    You certainly have your own style, Janet. As long as you stay true to your own creating it will always shine through. Love your spread and am curious to see it done.

  7. As always, awesome art Janet. Be careful of those Painters paint pens. I used to use them, but sometimes they just the wrong time. Just a heads up. Right now I'm trying the Carftsmart, but I think they are going to leak too. They are really wet. I got them in place of Sharpie because they were two bucks cheaper. Well....I should get what you pay for, huh? Hope the Painters work for you. Maybe they are new and improved!

  8. I like your art journal pages...ala Teesha Moore. I love her. I wish she's do more personal videos on their art site. The sketch turned out nicely. yay!


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