Friday, June 13, 2014

I Love B&W Drawings...

Ala Alisa Burke here is a page of flowers I did recently...

(sorry it's a bit fuzzy)

I think I could draw these flowers in my sleep. I've been doing them for years...even before I knew of Alisa. My friends used to call them Janet's fantasy flowers.
And now for a little I the only one who hates it when you click on something on Pinterest and it takes you to the entire blog and not to the exact post where the picture came from??? Then I have to spend more time than I'd like surfing through the blog in hopes of finding the post that explains the picture. The other complaint is when I click on something and it just shows you a picture without connecting to the original site at all. Frustrating! But I still love Pinterest and get lots of ideas from there.

I saw something similar to this on Pinterest and wanted to try it so here is my version...

Today I'm going to spend all day in the studio. I hope to have more paintings to share either tomorrow or the next day. See you then............


  1. Janet, they're both lovely. Today I've been searching the net to get some inspiration for my simplified flowers. I'm not using pinterest much so I have little experience with that "problem", but I can imagine it's frustrating.

  2. wonderful flowers, I hear you about pinterest, that really bugs me

  3. Wonderful detail in your work Janet.
    Love it as always.

  4. Well girlie, you have been a busy beeee. Love it all. I scrolled to see what I missed too. xo

  5. Love your fantasy flowers -


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