Sunday, July 13, 2014

A New BoHo Girl...

Today it was 103ยบ and I'm exhausted from the heat. But I do have a drawing to share with you. I sat down the night before the art show and sketched out a new BoHo Girl. My plan was to ink in part of it and then work on it at the show. But I almost finished it that evening! I took it along anyway, and started another BoHo Girl.

This is #8...

I really enjoy doing these girls. It's relaxing to sketch them while I'm "watching" TV.  I'll most likely finish #9 tonight.

Here's a close-up of #8...

And while I have you here, send ice cubes! It's too darn hot!!
This weather cycle is lasting through Friday...
and we're getting some humidity later in the week.
What fun!!


  1. This is amazing as are all your BoHo girls! Love the intricate headdress! It's been hot here too, but not as hot as there. Looks like lots of fun went down at your art show!
    Have a good artful week!

  2. Just simply marvelous. Great tangle headress xox

  3. Your penwork is totally awesome Janet. I don't know how you do it. So tedious, but they always come out looking fab!

  4. I love your boho girls, they don't look easy to draw to me

  5. Your bo-hos are such fun! You put such detail into it, Janet. Love it!

  6. So beautiful. You should design a coloring book using those bo-ho girls.

  7. Lovely. You're really good at those girls. Are you going to color her, or keep her in b&w. We've had some hot weather too and I love it. Right now it's raining, but the heat will return, thanks heaven. 85 - 90 deg.

  8. I love your Boho Girls, this one is so stunning.


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