Friday, July 11, 2014

Art Show!!

Things have been crazy around here. Our city had an art show last night and I was part of it. The art show was held at Legacy Commons in conjunction with Thursday Night on the Square, which is a weekly summer event with music and booths for crafts, etc. The park where the event is held is just one block from Legacy Commons so LC was the perfect place for the art show. It wasn't just for seniors...anyone in the area could submit their art for approval. We had artists of all ages including some children and young teens. It was fun seeing all the different styles and mediums.

Here is my display...

I had lots of positive feedback on my art. How can you keep from smiling when you see all those bright, happy colors!!

Everyone got a 6' table and a tablecloth and then we had to provide whatever we wanted to use for display. Luckily I had four easels and I used HB's camera case to lean the fifth picture against. It worked out good.

I was one of the first tables to be seen as you walked in the door...and I was right next to Juanita and Jeanette which made it lots of fun.

Here we are altogether along with my daughter, Molly, who was able to come up for the show.

You probably think I never wear anything but that black tunic! It is one of my favorite pieces and I wanted to be comfortable. We also lucked out and the weather wasn't too hot so that brought out lots of people.

It was a fun night and I met lots of talented artists from the made a few interesting contacts for the future.


  1. wow, its all fun and go for you at the mo over there! Glad the art show went so well! and I LOVE your black tunic!

  2. Your display is stunning and I love the variety you shared of your work. Yet your style is still so evident! Love the photo of you, your daughter and your girlfriends! I love love your daughters dreadlocks! As for black I always wear black and notice many artists wear black. Maybe because we have the color around us. Your black outfit looks so nice and it's a nice backdrop for your pieces! I'm so impressed and happy you're having so much fun!

    Hug Giggles

  3. Your display looks wonderful Janet. So glad you had a good time meeting fellow artists as well. Nice bunch you are surrounded by it sounds like. xox

  4. You look awesome, wonderful display.


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